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  1. I would really like someone to add drivers for a Promise EX8350 8port SATA RAID controller! (Maybe also for DSM 5.x-xxxx) Drivers link: Promise has a ton of drivers available, though I have no clue which to use. If someone needs an EX8350 controller to test drivers, please give me a PM.
  2. I would really like some drivers build in XPenology to support a Promise EX8350 8port SATA RAID controller. Promise has tons of drivers available. Though I have no clue which to link for XPenology. So here's the complete page. Driver link: If you need an EX8350 controller card to test drivers, please msg me!
  3. Hi, can someone add drivers for Promise EX8350 RAID controller? Driver link: There are different Linux drivers (Miracle, Open Source 2.4, Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora) and I don't know which XPenology uses. Thanks in advance