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  1. So shall i just convert back to dsm 5.2? Sh*t all my files are unreadable from the could were all my files are because synology compressed it with an unknown codec
  2. so what do i do now? My drives aren`t showing up after the bois update.
  3. that does explain a lot as this pc was made for windows vista but you said win xp? btw last year in 2020 i tried it with windows 10 and it worked
  4. sorry, i already tried that and it tells you nothing except this crap about a IDE config which dose`t make sense when there`s no ide port
  5. i already tried enhanced and it never worked and also, which bios version do i use?
  6. in the bios in sata configuration there`s three options enhanced, compatible or disabled
  7. i was talking about ahci not being in the bios as an option
  8. crap does that mean i have to switch back to dsm 5.2 loader because theres only IDE mode? (Edit: i feel like the non-emoji version is better)
  9. i feel like i shoud bios flash to the latest bios version but idk which motherboard im using and there no bios flash option in bios
  10. my cpu is a core 2 duo(2.8ghz) , 4TB seagate barracuda motherboard is a FRU Intel G31 all in a A57 lenovo thinkcenter
  11. there`s no option in bios, oops i accidentally thou u meant to turn it off in bois
  12. fu*k i think i know were it is but i im not sure which option i should choose is IDE mode ok?
  13. sorry i only do javascript and not c++ or whatever you use to make your boot loaders
  14. it didn`t work until i used the pc`s mac address but whatever and it`s using the same ip address that was on the previous version, i already edited the pid and the vid from the start, i double checked and there is no ahci mode in bios, i know what it is though, probably its not a thing in this type of bios because this was made for windows vista (btw this is a custom built NAS)