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  1. i have sadly tried 1.02b, 1.03 with most models 3615, 3517 and I am at my wits end. It will load freenas and others, but i get stuck at open the app to find the server. It never finds an IP or moves. Once it actually said booting kernel, but that was a while back and I cannot remember what combination it was. The viastor is a NAS released about 2012 with a G550 Celeron CPU running in an 1155 socket. any thoughts appreciated. This list did not help as i think i ran all combos:
  2. I got a great deal on an a QNAP VioStor VS-2104Pro+ and while it runs the QNAP OS, it does not enable loading third party apps or file sharing--it is only an NVR. I have not figured out how to hack it to allow other QNAP apps so I will either dump it or try to install some thing else. Has anyone successfully gotten XPEnology to work? if so what versions and how stable? thanks