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  1. I ended up going the vmware server route and it worked very well. The guides here were great and I ran into almost no problems. I did bring the DSM VM up initially without my drives attached to make sure it was up and working. Powered everything off and attached my drives, created the RDM mappings for them in vmware and attached to the VM. Initially i brought it up and it saw no drives then i figured out they needed to be on a second SATA controller in the VM and everything went great from there (my situation was different than the guides so i diverted a little, only had to read a bit further
  2. I had a DS415+ that died either to the Atom bug or a power surge. Blue blinking power LED of death... I'm able to access the data on the drives using a linux box with this method My problem lies in the fact that i had two ISCSI luns on the DS and those are apparently btrfs file based devices written on top of the md raid. I can see the @iSCSI folder and files in there that are named what my LUNs were. If i get xpenology up in a VM and hand it the 3 physical drives will DSM see that they are synology drives and import them, keeping the data and previous configuration? This way i