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  1. I modified the original extra.lzma by addig the hpsa.ko file. Supprise, it did not work.. Simillar reaction from the picky diva (thats my server lol) when you swap the file whit the rpovided one above, so i'm gona by an LSI card.. If someone can insert the hpsa.ko file whit a diffrent method, please let me know. Here is the modified file if someone want to burn a few hours.. probably-gonna-work_extra.lzma
  2. @WeezyMike What is the Brand and number of your HBA card?
  3. Hey, I just ran into the sam isse. But after the extra.lzma "swap" it stops working. Fan ramp up to 100% and not even getting IP adress, so I'm unable to find it.