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  1. So far this solution works for me: I don't know yet, what does it mean in daily basis. Performance, quality etc. But it's working!
  2. So, I've found this topic. It covers my problem perfectly! Anybody had better luck with VM? For me, still not working... Thanks, and thanks IG-88 :), the video was great, learnt a lot, but did not solve my problem.
  3. I'm sure I do something wrong, but the problem is, it's crashing before the installation. So when I connect to the VM I see the loader screen for windows and it's crashing immediately.
  4. Hey, so due to the tips before I went with the 3617xs version. And it's working as a champ! I've tried 918+, but had CPU problems. I want to create a windows VM with VMM, but the windows is crashing all the time with blue screen. Anybody had same experience? The VM is going to an SSD pool with RAID1 (2 1TB), the windows is windows server 2019. Thanks!