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  1. You need to patch it first. Like @dateno1 said, you need to follow this tuto : I can tell you that's it works fine !
  2. Hello all ! Any idea? DS918+ with megasas, tg3 driver (from pocopico). With DELL H730 in HBA mode
  3. "extra_cmdline": { "vid": "0x8564", "pid": "0x1000", "sn": "", "mac1": "" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg": "0xfff", "esataportcfg": "0xff000", "maxdisks": "12" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} } Just add into synonifo in your user_config, will be works
  4. Hi ! I'm using the same card with the Pocopico's driver (Intel X520), but with 3615xs version, on a DELL R520 and works fine (with 8x8To seagate entreprise disk). Maybe you have to try with 3615xs? Or this is mandatory for HW transcoding to use 918+ version ?
  5. given the configuration of the repo, it seems unlikely to me to prove that they are the owners of the repo. Also, requesting repo shutdown from github takes time. On the other hand, a legal letter from Synology can indeed claim the ardor. We all remember Jun's sudden disappearance ... anyway, the hardest work has been done by TTG, and so thanks to them
  6. Try to execute with privilege your container, that's the pb I think. Check the permission of file, and add in ENV PID/GID of your user (dsm)
  7. Try with an old version of redpill (before the extention add). Same pb as you. Have recompiled an img with the old version, and works fine. With help of @pocopico, He saw that where an extension failed to load, it fallback to install mode. Not sure if it's your pb, but you can try with the old version, it solved many pb. The NAS of my friend has exactly the same pb has you. Pocopico give us the combo SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap, but nothing worked. Just use an old img builded without extention (old version of redpill) works at the 1st try
  8. NVMe patch ok (hardcorde you pci id into works fine. The speed is really better than jun's loader 6.2.3:
  9. Ahahahahah. Franchement le mec super sympa, il m'a dit qu'il avait remonté le truc super haut, que c'était important vis à vis de la GPL. Les developeurs lui ont répondu que les sources seront bientôt upload, il fallait qu'ils reorganisent un peu tout avant de lancer le push !
  10. WoW !! Have the answer from synology, they will upload the GPL sources on SourceForge ASAP !! Wait & see !! They said the global deploy of 7.0.1 is not finished now, and we just have to wait 1 or 2 week to have the kernel sources
  11. You must use the @pocopicodriver. because there is a bug with the stock driver. You will have for sure a kernel panic. Just add the extension on your user_config.json I you must use other driver and have no space left, you can use a custom img with a larger 1st partition. I already gave the method, or you can use repo forked with the image builded
  12. Answer from Synology : Other answer (they don't really understand until this answer) : My answer : Answer :
  13. Because have a real 918+ and support, just need to wait there answer :