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  1. Thx for your answer. Is there a big difference with or without hyperthreading ?
  2. Hello Have a (maybe stupid ?) question. The firmware 1.04b has a limitation of number of CPU (I'm using 10660k). Problem, if I use the 1.03b (3617xs), have no hardware transcoding... Is it possible to add the hardware transcoding on 3617xs (via tweak or something) ? Or maybe tweak the kernel of 918 to use more core ? Thx
  3. You have to install opkg, with binutils. Ffmpeg is on the repo
  4. Hey All, Very intresting topic. I have installed a GT 1030 in a microserver gen 8, with DSM 6.2.3. I have compiled a custom version of ffmpeg, and still have the same error, cuda initialization failed. Driver is ok (I think) : Trying to install NVIDIA Driver :