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  1. I think I have missed something, I think I somehow need to make the installed version of xpenology use the serial console AND use the drivers you have packaged but I am nor sure how I go about that
  2. Much closer, using your extra.lzma allowed the installer to find the disk and I went ahead and did a manual install of DSM_DS3615xs_25426.pat which I think is what I should be using but that OS will not boot, I just get a blank screen on the console.
  3. Hmm, looks like I might be out of luck with XPenology on this hardware then. putty.log
  4. Some progress, the load now boots 1.03b and I can find the NAS over the network but when I try to connect, it says there are no disks. I had the original PX4 configured with a 3 disk RAID-5 + spare, I am hoping I can possible retrieve stuff off the RAID volume so at the stage I only put the spare into the 1st disk position. But it isnt seen. Can I login at the Diskstation logn: prompt? If so what are the credentials? I'd like to see what the kernel actual sees as devices.
  5. OK, I will try that one. Thanks.
  6. My PX4 recently failed and all attempts to recover using various resources from the Internet (as Lenovo no longer provide any support) were unsuccessful at resurrecting it. There appears to be nothing wrong with the hardware, the CMOS battery had gone flat but has been replaced. I thought I'd have a go at installing XPenology as I replaced the PX4 with a Synology RS819. After spending a lot more time on this than I had expected, I am now hoping someone else has managed to do it. I can boot the loader off the USB and get the GRUB screen on my Putty screen, but when selecting any