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  1. Thanks. I used 3615xs 1.02b for the beginning. Now on 6.1.7-3. I think I don’t need a newer version because my main purpose is Hyperbackup from my ds218.
  2. After i got a new usb (sandisk cruzer blade) it works perfectly. the old one was an cheap gift from the DLRG (IG-88 I think your German so you know what that is) i think it was a no name chip with the pid and vid from logilink Anyway big thank you to all.
  3. Fujitsu Esprimo P410 E85+ with Intel P. G2020 @2,9Ghz Wd blue 160gb (only for test) I used 6.1.7 6.1.6 and 6.1.5 I also booted ubuntu and cleard the drive When i try to load it it says file not intact Then at second try it will say migrate (on the first try its a normal fresh install) and i dont find the option to force install
  4. The pid is 0x1234 and the vid is 0xabcd I think that’s a little bit suspicious so I ordered 3 new 16gb SanDisk sticks.
  5. After i solved my osfmount problem (im on mac) the next problem arrived: -got the 1.02b.iso -edited it -flashed it -sticked it in the usb 2.0 port of my Fujitsu (details in my first post) -and booted it as a new baremetal (first option) The it shows me "screen will stop updating shortly..." But nothing happens When i go to the ip and install dsm it says i would migrate and says that the file that i choose is corrupted( ive tried 3 different versions from the synology website) Please help. Ps: is it a problem if i only got a 160
  6. I only have a Mac... so is there a Good alternative for OSFMount?
  7. Hi, I’m Max from Germany. since were back in lockdown here till at least end of January I have a lot of free time as a Student so my plan is: -buy a cheap PC on eBay (Fujitsu Esprimo P410 E85+ with Intel P. G2020 @2,9Ghz (~40$)) -buy a few (cheap) 4TB HDDs. -use it as an Hyperbackup for my Raid1 DS218 (with 2x Ironwolf Pro 8tb) what do i need to look for? Greetings