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  1. Hi, for me it works using: - boot image Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4493 X64, IMG file (stated for USB) - transfer with ending .iso to storage - vm using ide drives, e.g. first drive 1GB and raw format - move to related vm folder - qemu-img convert to raw (if required, I have done it, despite img to raw) - cp new file to existing disk1.whatever..raw - boot up Standard kvm proc, kernel 3.x (try to change to this), everything else default, I do not use sata, just ide. Controllers everything default. Best wishes
  2. Thanks for your config. The problem in my config was that the data disk was 4GB, that is too small and gives the described error. In Esxi I was succesfully using 4GB as 'data', and additional attaching a larger data store device or NFS mount. Increasing the size (e.g. 5GB instead of 4GB) solves the installation problem. Best wishes!
  3. Many thanks for the hint! Unfortunately now I end up in error code 38, same 2nd step in disk manager install. Looks like some conflict in HDD drivers, something wired in my proxmox install (btw, fresh install, xpenology is the first VM). Maybe somebody running xpenology on proxmox 3.2 can give me a short summarize on working config? ide/virtio/... I followed the other threads here, but this gave no real success, ending up on the same step. Thanks to all and best wishes!
  4. nanoboot works with proxmox !!! 01.... create a new kvm machine with 1 cpu (kvm64) ... 512 mb ram ... 1 network card (e1000) 02.... copy the nanoboot image into the new created kvm folder (if the vm have the number 010, replace the *** in the next steps with 010) 03.... qemu-img convert -f raw -O qcow2 /var/lib/vz/images/***/NanoBoot- /var/lib/vz/images/***/vm-***-disk-1.qcow2 04.... mount the vm-***disk-1.qcow2 as ide0 disk and boot from this disk 05.... create a new disk vm-***disk-2.qcow2 (ide1) as data disk 06.... start the vm regards According the install in Proxmox (as alternative to Esxi): Nanoboot boots up, correctly in Synology Assistant/DHCP, but during installation of the .pat: there is no harddisk found. So it fails in step 2 to format/partition the disk. Any hints or other people already solved this problem? Proxmox VE 3.2,, 4493. Neither ide, sata, virtio, ... work. Btw, works flawless under Esxi 5.5 free, but wanted to shift over to Proxmox. Best wishes!