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  1. This is the solution that finally worked for me. (page 4) Note to self: don't forget to chmod. Huge shout to @The Chief and @flyride for getting us pointing in the right direction to start with.
  2. flyride sorted me out... He pointed me to new versions of the extra.lzma files, which instantly solved the problem. If you are responsible for those updated files, then I owe you a huge thank you as well. I now have the system working as expected Not intended to be a criticism, but it would be really nice if there was a way to be able to find all the current versions of thing much easier. Coming from the point of someone who has only recently discovered XPEnology, I found it hard at first to understand some of the posts, as they aren't really newbie friendly and link off to
  3. You my friend are a certified genius!!! Tried it on the 918+ USB stick first, replaced the two files and both NICs showed up in the Synology finder tool / ping tool . Can not only ping it, but it has brought up the install page ready to go You have no idea how much help you been, and the amount of frustration you have saved me. Thank you so much for your time and effort, greatly appreciated
  4. Could I simple add this "extra.lzma" you speak of to the USB stick, or does it need to be injected into the image somehow? Just checking the contents of the 1.04b USB stick and it contains 4 files... extra.lzma, extra2.lzma, rd.gz and zimage. Do I need to replace the existing extra.lzma? Is there a repository other than the main download page that contains newer files?
  5. Motherboard is Asus ROG Strix B460-F Gaming CPU is Intel Celeron G5905 - LGA1200 Have been focusing on trying to get boot loader 1.04b trying to install 918+, or 1.03b trying to install 3615 / 3617, but until I can ping the PC, I can't do the DSM setup. On the older PC I have 1.03b / 3617 running fine. I tried putting that USB stick in the new PC to see if I could ping the new PC using it, since I know it boots properly and there are no image issues with it. But regardless of what BIOS settings I try on the new PC, I can't get the old PC USB stick to be reached.
  6. I'm assume that console might look something like what network administrators use to monitor network servers? I'm not sure how old the new motherboard is but shouldn't 104b work regardless of what settings I use? Since it supports three different types of BIOS boot types? I have tried every possible combination, but none of them will allow me to ping the machine. Is it worth me spending money to buy a console to see what is going on? How would I get the information out of it since I have never used a console before. Would it not be possible for the boot loader to echo what is
  7. Tried do Alt + F1 - F8 at the Intro: .... Screen, nothing happening. Is there another way to enter console mode?
  8. Doesn't sound like a driver compatibility problem then, is there anything else that would stop it from recognising the NICs?
  9. I am trying both. Have CSM turned on: (and tried off) Boot Device Control: UEFI and Legacy OPROM, Legacy OPROM only, UEFI only (tried all three) Boot From Network Devices: UEFI only, Legacy only, Ignore (tried both UEFI and Legacy) Boot From Storage Devices: UEFI only, Legacy only, Ignore (tried both UEFI and Legacy) Boot From PCI-E / PCI Expansion Devices: UEFI only, Legacy only, Ignore (tried both UEFI and Legacy) Secure Boot: Secure Boot State: Setup (non changeable, was something else like user) OS Type: Other OS, Windows UEFI mode
  10. According to this post the 1219-v is compatible. However that still doesn't mean the NIC is being seen at boot. Still need to know if it is working or not.
  11. I have tried every possible conceivable combination in the BIOS and I still can't ping the new PC I have just put together. Tried all of the different boot loaders but none of them work. I am convinced that the problem is with the network card/s. On the older machine which I have XPEnology working just fine it can be found with a simple ping command. Is there a verbose mode that can be enabled to see what is happening as the USB stick boots up? I don't think it is finding the NICs, therefore I can't ping it. Network cards in question Intel 1219v onboard NIC and a Edimax EN-932
  12. Well I never got the boot issue sorted out, but I did managed to get ESXi installed, and found a ready made OVA file which made installation fairly easy.
  13. I meant support units to get the extra drive bays when using a Synology.
  14. Yes I forgot they were expandable with add on units. Currently having problems with the PC, can't even get Linux to install. Won't allow me to use the recognised HDDs, so I have to solve that problem first.
  15. Board is an Asus ROG Strix B460-F Gaming It uses an Intel 1219v NIC Originally installed DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat then updated to DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat Think I used 103b because it was the only one I could get to work if I recall on the old board. Need DS3617xs for the extra drives.