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  1. Stay out of this thread with unrelated questions. Ask your generic Xen questions here: http://www.xenproject.org/help/question ... swers.html
  2. Issue: Identify Hypervisor properly during boot (currently GNOboot/Nanoboot seem to think XenServer is HyperV) - see this post by billytheczeh The following 'fixes' this: On XE host run (get UUID by using 'xe vm-list'): xe vm-param-set uuid=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx platform:viridian=false And now when booting the when booting the 'virt-what' sequence reports: HOWEVER this then breaks network connectivity (e1000 or realtek). It appears the the e1000 module is not loaded when Xen is detected? To rollback change: xe vm-param-set uuid=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  3. XenServer: Enable Passthrough of PCI device XenServer: Enable 'e1000' NICs based on NIC MAC Address
  4. XenServer: Autostart VMs [spoiler=][u]Unlock functionality on the Pool Level[/u] 1. Get Pool List: xe pool-list 2. Unlock Autostart on specific pool: xe pool-param-set uuid=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx other-config:auto_poweron=true Enable for VM 1. Get list of VMs: xe vm-list 2. Enable for specific VM: xe vm-param-set uuid=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx other-config:auto_poweron=true Source: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133910
  5. Update to DSM-4493 Update 3 (latest as of writing) [spoiler=][b]1.[/b] Obtain Update Package (http://www.xpenology.nl/xpenology-software/) - NOTE: Havent tried but I think you could use the built in downloader and after it downloads run step 4 and try it but not sure. 2. Go to the DSM Interface -> Control Panel -> Update and Restore -> "DSM Update manually" ---> Point to a file downloaded and click OK. File uploads. 3. DO NOT CLICK YES after uploading, yet. 4. SSH in DSM as root and run following commands (or use Task Scheduler from the GUI) Command 1 (notice no spacing bet
  6. Setup XenServer to enable Passthrough: [spoiler=][b]Get[/b] DeviceID of device to passthrough: lspci | more Hide DeviceID from XenServer at boot: 1. Use text editor to add boot flag so it hides the device when XenServer boots: nano /boot/extlinux.conf Under the Xe entry - Add pciback.hide=(deviceID) after ''splash" but before the "---" - notice where its bolded below: 2. Update XenServer boot. extlinux -i /boot 3. Reboot the XenServer. reboot Assign PCI device to VM: [spoiler=][b]Get UUID of VM:[/b] xe vm-list Add passthrough PCI device to VM: xe vm-param
  7. Good news. Located workaround to allow Nanoboot (4493) to be able to work on XenServer 6.2 SP1. Adding to main post shortly. Xen Patch Description: Enables 'e1000' NICs based on NIC MAC Address [spoiler=]Patch for XenServer 6.2 to allow Intel e1000 NIC emulation instead of the the Realtek 8139 NIC emulation used by XenServer by default. Patch: http://www.ualberta.ca/~jpm1/xenserver/ ... 1000.patch (included here in the end in case file goes down) To apply this patch you'll need to copy it to your server (e.g. via scp) and back up your current /opt/xensource/libexec/qemu-dm-wrappe
  8. XenServer: Powershell Script to install Updates [spoiler=][u]XenUpdate.ps1[/u] $server = "NameofXenServerorIP" # <---Modify this to suit your needs $updatepath = "\\NetworkShare\Share1\XenUpdates\Stage 1" # <---Modify this to suit your needs $SecureString = read-host “Enter root-password” -asSecureString $password = [Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::PtrToStringAuto([Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::SecureStringToBSTR($secureString)) foreach ($update in Get-ChildItem $updatepath) { $UpdateName = $update.basename Write-Host "Uploading $UpdateName" -Fore White . 'C:\Program Files (
  9. Hello, This is a thread about the best/solid way to run XPenology/DSM on XenServer. Multiple methods will used/attempted as time goes on, depending on which one works best. There are multiple threads about this version or that tool - the idea for this thread/post is to keep an eye on the best ways for DSM on XenServer - hopefully staying up to date. XenServer Tips/Scripts Wishlist: - Identify Hypervisor properly during boot (currently GNOboot/Nanoboot seem to think XenServer is HyperV) - See Post 5 - Fix Paravirtualization Support? - It appears GNOboot 10.4 Xen Tools worked, but