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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried to create the folder but there was a permission issue. so i created a folder using shell commands. but i am facing another issue.. i can't copy .img file from my pc to the .../101/ so What I did : 1. allow ssh in the DSM web page configuration 2. Putty's login with an admin account (access dsm 6.2.xxxx using ssh) 3. sudo -i + pwd to become root 4. change the root pwd : synouer --setpwd root (+choosen password) 5. edit (vi or any) /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make sure there is a line "PermitRootLogin yes" and it's not commented 6. RE
  2. hey, thanks for your reply, i don't see /var/lib/vz/images/107/synoboot.img /vz folder in Lib.
  3. Hi i have the same problem, on DS3617 when updating to 6.2.3-25426 update 3. why not sure... is there anyone could help?
  4. Hi i have the same problem. so looking for answers.
  5. xpeonology DSM - using this link i created my synology NAS but unable to update getting an error THE FILE COULD NOT UPDATE. THIS IS PROBABLY CORRUP is there anyone who has faced the same issue and found any solution? please advise.
  6. actual error i'm getting is "Fail to update file, file is probably corrupt."
  7. Hi All, thanks for all your help. Especially @timonych thread creator. well, now i am at a junction where moments is not showing pictures and videos uploaded from Apple iPhone. it throws an error more or less compatibility error. "Can not display or playback this format or the file is currently being converted *.HEIC" one of my friend had the same issue he said well he has the Synology device but as i can't afford so i resorted to XPeonolgy. But he could upgrade the app and perhaps to the latest version of DSM. so i tried to update mine DSM
  8. Hi i have installed the moments on 100gb volume1 but didn't realise that it will also save the data into the same volume. i would like to change the volume2 3tb in size to store moments data and use 100gb volume to install applications. is there any way to achive this? awaiting your reply.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. i would like to use Moments ( if its not possible thne similar app) and backup thinks like family mobiles to S3/Glacier.... it would be good to have QuickConnect to work, unless there's another option.
  10. hi... i have configured DDNS - dnsomatic and still the same error. not sure what am i missing thanks!
  11. is there any other way to get things working? i'm sure there should be as there are many users like @Gordon Pullar and Me
  12. @timonych thanks for earlier help. hope you are keeping well. i have been able to get things working with DS3617xs. Now facing a strange issue when i am trying to connect with quick connect it is throwing an error message The System failed to perform the requested operation, the unknown error. have you faced this issue and how did you manage to fix the issue... i am trying to work with Moments and then want to work with S3/Glacier for backups later. but for Moments, i need quick connect working. could you please shed some light, thanks in adv
  13. Hi Guys @Rhandyx& @jensmander, Happy new yaer! how did you mange to work things out... i am trying the same thing so please advise. I don't have VPN installed. So it would be helpful if one of you could advise step by step i.e. share your configuration. I am using Synology-DS3617XS on Proxmox 6.3.2 as VM , can't afford the device at the momnet. So it would be good to make use of beasty 2u server with 16gb and 2 cpu i have with 750HDD and 4tb dedicated to Synology. so, please advise how to configure. awaiting your reply.
  14. Hi @timonych thank you for your reply. Merry christmas! i have used the image as per the post vzdump-qemu-xpenology-918-6.2.3_25426.vma.lzo and tried to delete the MAC address on net1 and tried that way also but no luck.. seems like not picking up an address.
  15. this is what i am receiving , is there any way i can get a real IP or assign real ip to this restored image. thanks.