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  1. I would try it again and let you know. Thanks again for taking the time to help complete noobs like me.
  2. Everything I do brings the same results! I get till the same Happy Hacking screen but it stays there forever. I'm a little frustrated. Any other suggestions? This is what I'm doing: 1-I downloaded the DS3615 suggested image with loader 1.02b 2-Mount the image and edit the grub file as the image posted here. 3-Flash the modified image to my 32GB Sandisk USB Drive. 4-After the image is burned to the usb drive it ask me to format the drive for it to work so I do format it. There is nothing written about this step so Ihope to be doing it right. 5-Put the usb driv
  3. Could you please point me in the right direction to download the correct image?
  4. This is what I did: Please check and let me know if it is correct.
  5. The thing is that the process stops where it says that the screen will stop updating and the NAS light keeps flashing for a long time and nothing happens.
  6. There was a sticker at the back of the NAS that had de NIC address for both ports. The thing is I did not know that NIC meaning was Network interface card. I did put both numbers but the process stays at the beginig and the NAS light keeps flashing.
  7. Thanks for your answer! I managed to make the NAS boot from the USB Drive but is taking very long to finish. There is a message from Jun saying that the screen will stop updating shortly but it keeps going. The NAS has a blinking light. I did not change the MAC1 in the GRUB file because I do not know where to get the NIC MAC address #1
  8. Netrider Could you help me install this Xenology on my LenovoEMC PX4-400D?
  9. chiquito3

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Could someone here explain how to install Xpenology on my LenovoEMC PX4-400D using a usb drive?
  10. Hi! I just registered here. I'm curious for using this Xpenology on my LenovoEMC PC4-400D. Could someone here point me in the right direction?