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  1. Great post Flyride, thanks I hope to be able to fix something. Thank you
  2. Hi Flyride, today I tried to restart it, I don't know how and why it gave me internal ip to the lan and then it connects me, only it tells me, in addition to the welcome back it has detected that the hard drives have been moved to a new one 918+, click on “overlay” to recover the data and settings. Except that when I do it, he executes a command that I don't know then gives me 10 minutes to wait and in the end he gives me that he wasn't able to execute and try again. I guess I busted everything, I had read in some threads about problems with disk mapping but I can't find it
  3. Yes, that's what I thought I would do, tomorrow I'll take a little courage and try ..... I'll let you know, thanks in the meantime (in any case I have all the backup of the machine in other old synolgy that I use as a backup, bad that it goes to zero everything and put back on the 7.0.1 up2 it will take time because I have about 9Tb of data ... !!!)
  4. Hello Flyride thanks for the answer, you are right without knowing where a charger comes from you can't say, I know I did a stupid thing I don't even know why I did it .... !!!! however this is, unfortunately I am not able to build it I have tried it several times but I do not have the knowledge of how to do it (I was fine when there were 102/103/104 chargers already made ...), moreover I do not I don't even know what a TCRP loader is .... (I think T stands for Tyny, C stands for Core ...) however from find.synology.com it tells me that the system is resettable, the problem is that it changed my range ip of the host and I don't know how to reach it
  5. Baremetal installation Motherboard: Supermicro X11SCH-LN4F socket 1151 Processor: Intel Xeon E 2276G Coffee Lake RAM: 64Gb 4 Hhd Western Digital 4Tb EFRX 2 NVMe Samsung NVMe V-NAND SSD 670 Pro 512Gb Loader: found on the net already made for 918+ Hello everyone, yesterday I dreamed of updating DSM 7.01 up.2 working from January to up.4 manually, I downloaded the update from Synology 7.0.1-42218-4 (apollolake) site and started the update, after the update, however, the machine was never found; I thought I had everything busted but I tried to search for it with Synology web assistant (find.synology.com) and I realized that the machine is there (indeed it sees two), only that it has changed the IP addresses (I had assigned it an address static ip) with a very different range from mine, I use while now he gives it to me with DHCP server and assigned ip addresses to one machine and to the other. Obviously my network can't see it can see hosts with that ip address renga, I tried with the Synology assistance program to change the addresses but it doesn't (it tells me that the machine is recoverable), how can I do ??? I had thought of changing the range of in to my lan (router and pc to possibly control the host) in and see if I can enter the DSM and try to change the ip from the, can you do ?? ?? Or suggestions ???? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, today I combined one of mine, it jumped my mind to manually update the DSM from 7.01 up2 to 7.01 up4 .; I have a dedicated server and installed the DSM for 918+ in baremetal mode, downloaded the update (for from the synology site) and installed it. Generally if it doesn't support it it tells you before, it didn't tell me anything and I started the installation. Now the DSM does not start anymore, how can I do ??? thank you all for the help, it is quite important. Thanks
  7. I would wait more than a few days to install it even on original machines ... !!!!!!
  8. Hi, up to the 104b loader (vers. DSM 6.2.3 up.3) the possible discs to put on a 918+ were 12, now with the DSM 7 I'm not sure but I think it's still like this
  9. Si si 918+ ovviamente non capisco perchè tutti vogliono installare 3617 ho problemi ad accedere alle cartelle via SMB con il mio account (o altri, da pc con win10 non li riconosce) tutta la parte dei gruppi utenti è sfocata per quanto riguarda la lettura, (questo è il problema più grande), le memorie NVME non le vedono e non c'è patch come per 6.2.3 (io uso molta verticalizzazione e con quelle è molto più veloce) per il resto si la grafica è più aggiornato molti vogliono che installi foto per via del riconoscimento facciale e altro ma per me è una stronzata lo so che non funziona bene anche in quelli originali !!! Anche fare la migrazione una volta che hai il caricatore è abbastanza facile e veloce 1/2 giornata ... !!! ma penso che riformatterò tutto e tornerò indietro ho sempre un backup anche se ci vorranno giorni di lavoro If you are interested it seems that in the german section of xpenology there is the possibility to install the qnap, I tried via vw but I didn't succeed I have a few linux bases
  10. I forgot to write that I did the migration with a downloaded Redpill image (I am not able to build it) for 918+ I don't know if many problems depend on this
  11. It depends on what you use it for; if you use it for tweaking, rehearsing, etc. etc. yes, if you use it for the services that the DSM gives every day and / or for work like me then no (this is my opinion); there are several things that do not work especially at the user level (it is not recognized, in my opinion the new login method makes a mess), migration made yesterday, I'm already seeing how to go back ... I have to retransfer 6 / 7Tb of data and work on it for a week .... !!!!! I wait a few days to see if maybe an update comes out that I try to shoot it in to see what happens otherwise I will have to do it, as it is I don't need that much
  12. Hello everyone as I wrote that I would have done a few days ago today I upgraded (migrated) the DSM from 6.2.3 up3 to 7.0.1 (42218) up2 baremetal from image redpill-DS918 + _7.0.1-42218_b1635406499.img, everything went right everything works correctly (or almost ..); as I feared, the system no longer sees me the two NVMe cards that I use for the cache which therefore I cannot mount, someone knows and wants to help me ??? Are the patches used for version 6.2.3 okay or are there others ??? Thank you
  13. Hello everyone, after various installation tests of DSM 7.0.1 and functionality tests (it seems to me to work correctly), migration test from DSM 6.2.3 up3 to DSM 7.0.1 all done in v.m. mode and all are successful with the image redpill-DS918 + _7.0.1-42218_b1635406499 I wanted to upgrade the DSM (migration from DSM6.2.3 up3 to DSN 7.0.1) of my machine running in baremetal mode (supermicro motherboard , hhd SATA and 100/1000 network), I needed to know something that I could not test with vm installations; my machine has 2 NVMe which I use as SSD cache, does anyone know if the redpill has problems with these disks ?? When migrating, it is better to disassemble them and then reassemble them once the upgrade has been carried out ??? (I seemed to have read something about it somewhere). There are additional drivers in the image redpill as it was for the 104b loader ??? (also on this I seemed to have read something in the forum about it) does anyone know something ??? thank you
  14. Hello, actually it's very easy, it's like in vmware, only the commands are placed in different places, the machine is in virtualbox (like Linux oracle 64bit) I have configured 2048Mb of ram and 2 cpu (so I just have to do tests) , in the network section make sure you have selected network bridge and put aside the mac it gives you, now you have to take the RedPill image (redpill-DS918 + _7.0.1-42218_b1635406499), start Xpenology_Tool_V142 and with OSFMount open the image and select the first one (48Gb, make sure Read only drive is not checked) open the local disk boot / grub / grub.cfg at the bottom go to modify (both in the section for usb and in that for sata disk) the mac with the one that gave you the machine creation (if you want you can also modify the s / n with one that you always get from the xpenology tool, save, close and unmount the disk, open the local disk boot / grub / grub.cfg at the bottom go to modify (both in the section for usb and in that for sata disk) the mac with the one that gave you the machine creation (if you want you can also modify the s / n with one that always comes from the xpenology tool, save, close and unmount the disk, start StartwindV2v converter load the image and create a startup file vmdk (growable image). at this point meii of two files (image and vmdk in the created folder from virtualbox go to the storage section, select SATA controllers and add the vmdk file, then create hard drives always the same section you need, close and start the machine, "it should" start then the procedure is always the same, find.synology.com etc. etc. .putting it like this seems difficult, but on the practical and very easy side just follow what I wrote to you step by step
  15. Hello everyone, today finally after some failed attempts (because I was wrong with the procedure) I was able to install a new diskstation 918+ vers. DSM 7.0.1 in vm mode on virtualbox to test it (I need to install it in baremetal mode on a special server) with an image downloaded from the network, unfortunately I am not able to build it myself and everything is ok, it seems to work correctly and I will test it for a few days with installation tests of the applications I need. I needed to know something for those who have already done it or are aware of it and it is this; having the need to install DSM 7.0.1 on a special machine in baremetal mode where a DSM 6.2.3 up3 version already runs, must a new installation be made or can you do a migration? The migration obviously (as long as everything goes well) is much faster and less expensive in terms of time, obviously for safety I would back up the whole machine but if it were possible to do the migration it would be much better. Does anyone know if it is possible and possibly how ??? Thank you
  16. Hi Piteball, yes I did everything correct (I already knew it from the various previous loaders) however the machine starts correctly and goes online (I reach it only via syno assistant and I change the IP) but I do not reach it via browser. Let's see if I have some time today and I'm still working on it in the loader, thanks in the meantime.
  17. Hello everyone, today I was finally able to install a version of the new RedPill by following a couple of videos I found on the net (in the video notes I also found the link to download the image); I installed it on virtualbox (I will have to install it in baremetal mode on a special server, but first I want to see how the installation is via vm), I made (or almost) the changes described in the videos and started the machine, the machine starts as with the previous loaders, initially the router did not see it, then with the synology assistant I changed the ip (he had assigned an ip completely different from my network) now the router sees it and I authorized it to enter the lan, only that find.synology.com does not see it, even if I give it the ip address I assigned it does not find it and therefore I cannot go on. I also noticed that if I turn off the machine and reboot it reassigns the initial ip, in the videos there was an option to change in the vmx file (but it was done with vmware) and virtualbox doesn't seem to me so I don't know how and where to go to edit. I also noticed that he assigned a serial number of the machine that in the RedPill it was not possible to modify (in the previous loader yes) if I did not understand wrong with the tinycore-redpill-main everything can be done but I cannot build the loader . I remember that I read something about the identification of the diskstation but by now the discussion has reached more than 140 pages ... .. finished 15/20 pages I have to start over ..... !!!!! Someone can give me a hand ??? thank you
  18. Hello TheEvilSide and everyone, I wanted to ask you if you can better describe (step-by-step) the procedure you performed to upgrade (at least if I didn't get it wrong) from DSM 6.2.3 to 7.0.1. I also watched the video, I'm not an IT guru but I don't think I'm the last one, but I miss some steps that I don't understand in particular how to manage the red pill; this discussion does not help (I remember that it had started to upgrade from 6.2.3 to 6.2.4, then it went into everything as usual and made it practically useless, at least from how I see things, precisely because there is everything inside). Currently I have a server that I built specifically to run the DSM on 918+ loader which now I have version 6.2.3 up3 in barematal mode (for this I ask you, I saw you did it), with a Supermicro motherboard, an intel Xeon processor E2276 4 HHD sata, 64 Gb ram and 2 nvme ssd, thank you if you want to help me; particularly if it is a migration or a new installation. Thanks to those who will be able to help me bye
  19. Hello thanks for the answer, yes of course I tried and there are no plausible answers with that error number (they can be found up to 556). This morning as soon as I opened the DSM page it gave me an update of the mail server application, I updated, but then I tried but it still gives me the same error, the error report that comes back to me is this Reporting-MTA: dns; XXXXYYYYYY.it X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 39A1126D538 X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822; XXXXXX@YYYYYY.XY Arrival-Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 08:10:37 +0100 (CET) Final-Recipient: rfc822; SFGGGFFF@gmail.com Original-Recipient: rfc822;SFGGGFFF@gmail.com Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Remote-MTA: dns; pro.turbo-smtp.com Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 566 SMTP limit exceeded It occurs to me now that in all my configurations I use google's DNS parameters ( and that are those ??? now i try to change them
  20. I update; I just did the test from an original Synology 1813+ that I have on the LAN (same parameters of course) and it gives me the same error, so I tend to exclude it is a server problem, but I don't know what else it could be
  21. Hi everyone, from today I have problems sending e-mails; I have configured the mail server of Synology mail server, everything is always working but from today (or yesterday, Friday I sent mail without problems) it gives me this error: 566 SMTP limit exceeded obviously nothing has been changed and I don't think I have exceeded any limit also because there are none, I can't understand what the problem is, does anyone have the same problem ??? or do you know what it can be ??? Thank you
  22. As soon as the procedure as indicated by Ostap60 has been carried out, the DDNS is back to work correctly. Thank you all
  23. Excuse me again, with this solution what can you do ??? (cache reset or other ??)
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