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  1. Hi. Just give up using synology. But you could use a VPN to connect
  2. I have already one Vpn Installed! Thank you! Merry Christmas!
  3. I have make a search on forum but i not find it. Sorry. Is possible use momments on phone without quickconnect?
  4. I have successful install on VirtualBOX But quick connect not works. I have try open ports 5000,5001,6690 on router but not works. I can have access to synolgy using external ip but
  5. Im running now one vm In first I have patch xenserver for have intel e1000 network adapter. https://blogs.serioustek.net/post/2016/07/28/adding-e1000-nic-xenserver-7 Second I have export ova file from virtualbox and import using xencenter. Im using synoboot.img Jun’s Loader v1.03b DS3617xs But i still have no luck. I not found anyway to use bridge on xencenter or in xenorchestra.
  6. Hi everyone! Is possible install dsm on one HP Dl380p G8. I buy server for few and I can use with 12 sas drives. If is possible convert it in one powerful synology storoge is great.
  7. Can you help install on xenserver 7.6
  8. Hi Everyone! I´m starting learn how to install DSM. I can finally do it on do it on windows VirtualBox. Any one can help me install on xenserver VM. I start to download XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5644.5 ISO and Start on Linx VM template on xenserver. Vm boots at login: But I can´t find any diskstation using synology assistant.
  9. Anyone have one working .ovf disk image to import by xcp-ne center?
  10. I don´t know whats wrong now i have two ip one from each network and I can´t have access to any. If I use only nat, not works, if I use only bridge works but I can´t have access. If I use both.
  11. I have fix it network! But Install is running and I not know at end it shows status Migration. How I fix network, I have to attach 2 network cards First i HAVE CREATE NETWORK CARDS. In this case i choose number 2 for my first network adapter, second is a bridge Look at attached images
  12. Hi My issue is the network is I use Nat not catch the Vm on synology assistant, If i choose bridge I can see it but ip is in different network can not have acccess.