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  1. Hope that someone can answer this question. First, I’m pretty impressed with my “DS918+” machine, it’s stable and performs well. It does everything I throw at it and it’s fast. Had great help from this forum to get it to where it is now. I’m running 6 500GB SSD’s (SHR) on the available SATA ports but want to expand with 5 4TB HD’s using an JMB585 as a new volume. Can I keep the SSD’s connected when in install the JMB585 and connect the 5 x 4TB drives? Will my first volume stay as it is? Hope to hear soon. Regards, NongSung
  2. OK, I took the plunge, removed OMV and installed DSM, ran your adapted script and BOOM, faces works! Installed docker, plex, homebridge, homeassistant & pihole and everything works great. Re-format the stubborn TR-004 and both are working fine (and are shared over the network). So right now I'm happy, the only thing is now the 3E92... necessary or not? Thanks for your help, super! Regards, Nongsung
  3. Made a mistake, I have the intel I7 8700 3E92
  4. Thanks for your detailed answer, much appreciated! For the time being I switched back to OMV but Saturday I'm going to give DSM another try. Thanks for the missing pieces regarding the script, I'll modify it and run it as soon as the machine is up again. One small question though, the i915 fix seems to be about the 9th & 10th gen, mine is a coffee lake 8th gen (0E92). Not absolutely clear now if I need that fix or not. Please advice. Kindest regards, Nongsung
  5. OK, first concern is to get DSM running as I want it to run. Docker, homebridge, home assistant, pihole and plex are all up and running but plex is using the shared media via the raspberry shares. I will look into that later using your remarks. Worst case, format them and restore the data... Main reason for switching from OMV to DSM is Moments... and it does not recognize faces and subjects. Started with an Intel I3 9100F and realized this morning that without an iGPU there's not change on HW acc and (maybe) faces/subjects in Moments. This afternoon I switched the proc
  6. 'even if you plug the drives in and synology finds them as external usb device they will have a share without doing something' Unfortunately only one of my TR004's is detected (and shared) the other one is present in external devices but needs formatting... Strange because they both have only one partition and both EXT4...
  7. Yeah, it would be faster and I could manage that using fstab. What I wonder is; can I SMB share these two disks over my network?
  8. Got it working! Set-up of raspberry pi 4 as a samba server with my two QNAP TR004's. On the PC I installed Xpenology and connected the two CIFS. Then installed Plex, Home assistant, Homebridge and Moments. Plex is seeing the CIFS shared drives and homebridge/home assistant were a breeze to get going. Moments is now very busy processing 50.000 photos. More to upload to Moments later this week. Can now get rid of my 2TB Google photos subscription! Thanks for the help. Regards, Nongsung
  9. Thanks IG-88, your answer is not what I hoped for but I was expecting something along these lines. Have to do my home work because my MB does not have enough sata ports and I've run out of PCI-e slots too. Time for a rethink! Thanks a bunch, regards, Nongsung
  10. Hi All, My QNAP died some months ago and I switched to a self built Openmediavault with two QNAP TR-004's connected to USB 3. Everything works fine but going back to either QNAP or Synology has my preference; well, not QNAP anymore because it was an expensive machine and now collecting dust. My TR-004's are in RAID-5 (QNAP hardware raid and EXT4) and I really would like to try Xpenology on my Openmediavault machine. I have the install usb disk ready to go... Question is; will my TR-004's work without re-initializing; don't want to restore terrabytes