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  1. installing xpenology on Dell PowerEdge server

    thanks for information, i will buy one today! can you see if the system / hdd hibernation works with this vesrion (5592) fine?
  2. installing xpenology on Dell PowerEdge server

    hi to all I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 gen II and i have tha same problem with the NIC's, i try to install all differend images, in the 5.2 version NIC's don't work!Only in the 5.1-5055.1 works fine and works the WOL without change the serial number or to add the script.My only issue in this version is the system / hdd hibernation which i can't to make it work. if someone has success with this problem please tell me!
  3. hello... i install the dsm 4.3 on vitrual box but i have a problem with this error