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    Powernow-k8 power saving

    Yes, I though exactly the same way as you mentioned. But my system runs okay with gnoboot now, probably won't do too much change to that in near future. If there's any need to upgrade to further FW(which gnoboot doesn't support), I will try and reports that way here. BTW, since I use 780g as mobo chipset with internal display, I try to lower the freq of display(default 500MHz -> 150MHz lowest available setting), and it turns out that reduced the power by ~4W to 71W. Still pretty high though, but I will try some more tweak and report here.
  2. jkm

    Powernow-k8 power saving

    dtran, thanks for replying. Yes, I also get a Watt meter (cheap one, probably not so accuracy), and it reads 75W in my gnoboot 10.5 system (with governor set 2core@conservative, 2core@ondemand, lowest at 800MHz). Which is around 10W difference compared to no governor set (all core @3.0GHz). My machine is 3HDD(1*OLD HITACHI 160G, 1*WD red 2TB, 1*Seagate VX 2TB), cpu(AMD X4 640), m-ATX board(780g), no other pci interface card, 350W fsp power(no 80+ certification) list as below: gnoboot 10.5 w/ powernow - governor set - idle 800MHz ~75W gnoboot 10.5 w/o powernow - NO governor - idle 3.0GHz ~85W nanoboot w/o powernow - NO governor - idle 3.0GHz ~85W pretending each HDD consume 8~10W(no hib), raw system power consumption is 45~55W. The total power consumption was still too high for a 24/7 system IMAO, however, this machine was my old desktop, not built for NAS purpose. And sadly there's no undervoltage setting available in my motherboard BIOS, it seems the only way to lower it would be hardward replacement. Thanks for your advice anyway.
  3. jkm

    Powernow-k8 power saving

    Hi dtran, I recently try your way to configure cpufreq governor. (using ipkg cpufrequtils) In gnoboot10.5 w/ powernow-k8.ko, the governor works well, able to automatically switch freq in all cores. (4 in my case) However, in nanoboot, the powernoe-k8.ko is missing, and it seems the only way for me is the acpi-cpufreq. But still, I can't insmod it and there's no governor shows in cpufreq-info. After a few searching, I found someone said nanoboot don't have acpi loaded in default. Do you have a solution for acpi examination? Since the nanoboot seems rebuild the kernel, not sure if the powernow-k8.ko could be loaded.