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  1. Kazuni that worked but is there a way to actually hide the remaining 4 slots from the first SATA controller?
  2. luchuma - yes I did install open vm tools and it works fine.
  3. Environment - VmWare ESXi 6.7 I have managed to get DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1 DS 3615xs up and running on ESXi with the loader 1.03b but the only thin which doesn't work is Shutdown or Restart. It seems like it stops all the services on DSM so you cannot ping it or access it but it is still running on esxi. I have to forcefully shutdown or restart the VM. Recently I have installed DSM 918+ with a loader 1.04b. It is shutting down and restarting the VM but now I cannot hide the 50mb drive which is assigned to SATA controller 0. I have already followed the manual: Doesn't matter what I do it is still visible in the system. Please have a look at my screenshots below and let me know if there is something that I am missing. Thank you.
  4. sekundap

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    ESXi 6.7 Not visible in LAN. Tried E1000E, VMXNET3, E1000. Did the trick with assigning MAC address in grub without any luck.
  5. sekundap

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Sonnyboy, did you migrate yours from DSM 6? What I mean is you replaced loader 1.01 with 1.02, then boot up with old hdd installed, go through the migration process? any error afterwards? I am on Gen8 with esxi, about to migrate as soon as someone succeed without the error. thanks Also on esxi with xpeno 6.0 atm; tried to migrate using a 6.0 test vm, the vm boots after the boot vmdk replacement , I start the install, chose migrate and after that nothing, the vm does not appear on the network anymore, I can't connect to it. I waited about 10 minutes, forced shut down the vm, powered on again but nothing. Maybe I need to wait more for the migration to complete, don't really have much time for tests these days A fresh install with 6.1 works with no issues on esxi. I had the same issue as you. After playing with that I found the way to make it working. These are the steps which I have done on a few machines already: 1. Deploy ovf on ESXi for 6.02 version. Set it up and so on if you don't have that version installed yet. (Synology version 6.02) 2. Shutdown the machine and remove the first 50MB HDD. 3. Import to THE SAME VM FOLDER on a datastore on ESXi 3 files from the loader 1.02 (ds3615.vmx ; synoboot.img ; synoboot.vmdk) 4. Edit settings of the VM and add Existing HDD synoboot.vmdk (50MB) ; change Disk Mode to Independent - Persistent; Virtual Device Node SATA controller 0 - SATA(0:0) 5. Go to BIOS and select the correct 50MB drive to boot from. 6. Then go through the process of migration from Synology 6.02 to 6.1. After that I was able to find the Synology on the network. If I created a new Virtual Machine with a new loader (1.02) and added existing HDDs (from Synology 6.02) I was not able to find Synology on the network even if migration process was correct. I hope that will sort out your problem. But similar to other users on 1 of my VMs i have the message that my HDDs crashed but everything is working as expected on that Synology. I have tried the syno_port_thaw=1 and the message still appears after reboot. On the other hand that message does not appear on the other machines which I have upgraded in exactly the same way.