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  1. Well sense nobody replays in this forum, I went head and installed 6.2.2 with loader 1.04, migrated my synology install. Drives are repairing and data is good. Now the dsm see my 5th and 6th drive. all is good. Thanks for nothing.
  2. running Asus-H871-Plus has 6 sata ports 4 currently 8tb WD drives in Raid 10 Jun 1.02 loader with ds3615xs DSM 6.1 update 3 I can not add anymore sata drives. I shucked a couple of 14tb WD and wanted to expand my nas. Device shows up in the bios but not in DSM. If I connect it to a usb port on the box, it shows up as disk 21 on my nas. I just want to add 2 more internal disk. Any help on this will be great, not sure what to do next. I did try removing disk 4 and put in the new disk. It still did not see the drive. thanks