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  1. I had a similar problem but not after upgrading. Server was cut off from the outside world, not accepting connections, numerous error messages when trying to connect to it, although console access was fine (via hard-wired connection). After much head scratching I noticed that the network cable was ever so slightly hanging out of the port on the switch.... Pushed it home, all OK. I know it's basic, but have you checked all connections?
  2. This is fecking excellent news, all "power to the keyboard" to the development team - you guys are just the best and thank you for your work so far.
  3. Thanks for the update - has anyone performed the upgrade on a bare metal system (ideally an HP N54L!) as well as a VM?
  4. Ignoring the fact that update 6 seems to have been skipped, has anyone successfully applied v7. Because of the issues with update 5, I'm reluctant to be a guinea pig!
  5. I followed Roodbaard's procedure on my N54L and got the same errors as Alex40 and rimave. Fortunately after two reboots all appears to be OK - apart from screwed folder permissions - definitely "squeaky bum" time for a while
  6. Kudos, +1, love and devotion (take your pick) to fma965 for the installation / update guide. Brilliant work fella! All appeared to go as per previous updates until the reboot when my N54L was invisible on the LAN afterwards and there was no login prompt displayed on the server (I'm running a "headed" config). I did the usual engineering stuff of swearing at it , followed by a power cycle and all appears well now
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