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  1. OrpheeGT repo do not have virtio for 7.0.1-42218. you can use my repo if you want { "id": "apollolake-7.0.1-42218", "platform_version": "apollolake-7.0.1-42218", "user_config_json": "apollolake_user_config.json", "docker_base_image": "debian:10-slim", "compile_with": "toolkit_dev", "redpill_lkm_make_target": "prod-v7", "downloads": { "kernel": { "url": "https://sourceforge.net/projects/dsgpl/files/Synology%20NAS%20GPL%20Source/25426branch/apollo
  2. you are right man, changing to IDE0 works! i though IDE only support 4 drives lol.
  3. I am using proxmox, i have a question, what disk mapping do i need to set so that in DSM it will show Drive 1 instead of Drive 7? thank you
  4. i am running 7.0.1RC 918+ in proxmox, you need any help? ps: noted you asking about Face Detection, i am not using it.
  5. Proxmox doesnt need any mapping, just make sure you have correct vid pid, the disk should be mounted as sata.
  6. i dont have this problem, mind to share your proxmox setup?
  7. In case any of you need 918+ 7.0.1 42214 https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-load/pull/21 i am using the docker 0.6 created by @haydibe i did only small modification so i take no credit for all hard work contributed by you kind people here. { "id": "apollolake-7.0.1-42214", "platform_version": "apollolake-7.0.1-42214", "user_config_json": "apollolake_user_config.json", "docker_base_image": "debian:10-slim", "compile_with": "toolkit_dev", "download_urls": { "kernel
  8. if you can use your machine to do so many other thing than just running a DSM, and you only need to care about Host driver (which much more easily supported), you can forget about adding driver to your guest VM.
  9. why do you need all these SATA port mapping if you are using proxmox???? If you're running QEmu-based virtualization (e.g. Proxmox or VirtualBox) set vid to 0x46f4 and pid to 0x0001
  10. however it is same alright, figured it out! user_config.json must be in root folder same as redpill_tool_chain.sh but the template is actually kept inside docker folder, thats why I though it should be save inside docker folder for the user_config.json file aswell....
  11. when i build i got this, what did i do wrong? user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "vid": "0x46f4", "pid": "0x0001", "sn": "1750PDN123456", "mac1": "00:11:32:12:34:56" }, "synoinfo": {}, "ramdisk_copy": {} }
  12. Since 0.5.3, i am getting this error with appololake 7.0 41890 DiskStation login: [ 105.240719] random: nonblocking pool is initialized [ 149.122345] <redpill/rtc_proxy.c:37> MfgCompatTime raw data: sec=58 min=17 hr=2 wkd=4 day=19 mth=7 yr=121 [ 149.125335] <redpill/rtc_proxy.c:95> Writing BCD-based RTC [ 149.127232] RTC time set to 2021-08-19 2:17:58 (UTC) [ 152.224158] md: bind<sdg1> [ 152.224657] md/raid1:md0: active with 1 out of 16 mirrors [ 152.226020] md0: detected capacity change from 0 to 2549940224 [ 155.232955] md: bind<sdg2> [ 155.233801
  13. depending the hardware type, but passthrough is possible.
  14. i confirm, with latest build of loader, DSM7 918+ with proxmox can use virtio network not required to set e1000e anymore args: -netdev type=tap,id=net0,ifname=tap105i0 -device e1000e,mac=46:2xxxxxx,netdev=net0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x12,id=net0 this should run much more stable and synology is now reporting correct network bandwitdh.