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  1. Based in Australia, funny thing is never had issues with p2p in a 100 years but just this time with this new NAS.
  2. I installed Xpenology yesterday, everything worked like a charm the first time very unusual when I build something Thanks to the very detailed guides I found here by members Ok now I tried to download a p2p file searching directly from download manager to check the download speed. About an hour later I got an email from my ISP which was a forwarded e-mail from some regulator about copyright infringement. I mean seriously!!!! is all download from download manager being tracked, what are you guys doing to download using p2p.
  3. Awesome,thanks. I think I can survive without the wireless given I can bond my both nics which is a great feature.
  4. Thanks, I build it today usinging the guide you linked. Just one question my CPU is showing i3 even though its i5, also although I have wireless nic, when I try to set it up it asks me for wireless adapters.
  5. The client used is Roku 3 and there are a few movies it cannot direct play.
  6. Hi All, I'am looking to build an Xpenology NAS with the linked hardware. Someone recommended I should go for the ESXi version, I'am not sure I just need something that's easy to build and maintain. Appreciate your help, please do send me details and links of what I need to do. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/kunalra ... ved/8BmmP6
  7. I have not put together the machine yet, but yes I'am looking for the OS install instructions.
  8. Thanks, But Could you point me to instructions on installation from scratch ?
  9. I'am new here, and looking to build a mini computer to be able to transcode files using plex. I would like to install the XPEnology OS but need information on where to start.