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  1. Very suspicious indeed, yes, 1 packet every 5. I've tried _many_ things, by stopping almost _all_ services, changing the IP address, making sure DOS protection was not enabled, moving the Microserver to another switch, changing the virtual NIC within ESXi as well as the physical NIC (I've got an Intel dual Gig also in the Microserver) and ... no change. I finaly gave up, deleted the Xpenology VM, created it again (with 4 VMDK for the time being and not yet 5 but that should not change anything), and now it rocks ! (I'm afraid that I'll never understand what happened...) Thanks for
  2. Unfortunately no change, the SHR rebuild is done, this is the only VM currently running, CPU is very low, and I'm still loosing around 1 packet every 5 (see below, copy/paste is in French but could be understandable). When I try to reboot the VM, as soon as the network starts, it's OK during several few seconds, and probably after one of the services starts (still have to identify which one), same problem occurs again. Does anyone else here run this with ESXi 5.1 on a Microserver N40L, and could let me know if I'm really the only one ? Thanks in advance. Délai d'attente de la d
  3. Hi, I've a strange behavior with my xpenology VM running on ESXi 5.1 (on a Microserver N40L) in my lab. When pinging the IP address of this VM from my LAN, and this VM _only_, I've around 25 to 30% of packets loss (all the other VMs share the same ethernet interface, and only the IP address associated to the xpenology VM has this problem). Except the packet loss, everything else seems to run as expected, no real problem, pretty good performance (between 60 to 70 MB per second using FTP, even if the volume is currently expending from 2 to 5 virtual disks in SHR mode), but this sound
  4. Jusqu'à 5 disques, le HP Microserver N40L est un bon choix, et tout particulièrement en fin d'année dernière où il était possible de le toucher dans les 130 euros après ODR. On trouve son successeur, le N54L, à moins de 300 euros à l'heure actuelle (RLO sur Amazon notamment). On doit pouvoir monter à 6 disques en déportant le eSata vers l'interne, et l'adaptateur qui va bien dans la baie 5.25''. Je n'ai pas testé l'USB3 sous xpenology, mais sur base de chipset NEC, il ne devrait pas y avoir de gros problème (un de mes N40L dispose d'une carte de ce type qui est reconnue sans problème sou
  5. Had the same problem until I changed the SCSI controler type to Paravirtual, and then, it worked (ESXi 5.1 on a Microserver N40L, and a VMFS disk as well - just testing...)