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  1. Thank you very much guys! Seems like the only way it's affordable to fix it is if I can fix it myself.
  2. I'm from Denmark. Do you think a regular computer repair shop would fix that kind of things? I thought they only did software and hardware replacement.
  3. All they said was that I could look for a place to repair.. But I'm pretty sure that would be way too expensive compared to buying a new faster unit. I've tried with disks, without disks, with a completely clean disk. I believe that I've been through all the possibilities like that. It doesn't even react when holding down the reset button (No beep sound)
  4. Unfortunately that didn't get me any further. He said it sounded like a broken device but since the warranty is long gone they couldn't help me. I asked if it was possible to load a firmware directly from USB or something like it, but that wasn't an option he said. But I have a feeling that something can be done... I'm not ready to just throw it in the trash.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post else I hope you'll move it. I have an old DS411Slim that all of sudden after a SMART Scan wouldn't show up in my network. STATUS and LAN were green and flashing showing everything worked fine. I worked with this for a week or so. Tried everything with resetting, directly connect my computer via LAN cable nothing would help me. It never showed up in Synology Assistant or neither with or without Windows Firewall activated. Now when I boot it almost nothing happens. It's just flashing in blue in the