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  1. I'd like to have control on what I build and would like to have a DIY approach to building a boot image similar to nanoboot,gnoboot, or synoboot for my own use. Do any of you gurus know of a method to do so? I wasn't able to find it in the wiki. Thank you!
  2. Marc, thank you! Makes perfect sense about replacing the files inside the img. Why I never thought about it.. I don't know. Thank you. BTW, what tools do you use to edit the bootloader img file? I'll try the manual update from 4.1 to 4.2 and report back when I do it.
  3. I'm new to this testing and it's amazingly fun! I've been reading posts after posts and I think I have an idea of what's going on, but please let me know if I'm wrong. Building the custom .pat file can be learned via the kernel wiki page. But I don't see a page on how to build the synoboot (bootloader image) file. How do I build my own without having to rely on someone to build it. I have a HP N40L btw. I know there are pre-made files available, but I'd like to do mine from scratch to get a feel for it. I hope you pros can help me out. Thanks P.S. What's the deal with upgrading from 4.1 to say 4.2? Will I lose all my data and redo the whole thing or is it a simple upgrade? How have you guys/gals upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2? Thanks again