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  1. I found these bootloader, with virtio drivers loaded, that may work for you: - ds3617xs : https://gofile.io/d/pnBQbd It does not work for me, it launch but stay block at "Loading module adt7475", don't know why. But it does work directly as proxmox vm without docker. -ds918+ : https://gofile.io/d/wfNCxt It works for me in mxlinux usb live but it does not works on my proxmox VM or Lxc container. For this bootloader, you need to specify the VM_MAC to docker as follow: -e VM_MAC="00:11:32:12:34:56" You can give it a try if you want,
  2. Thank you for your feedback, can i ask you which hardware and os are you using ? I haven't tried ds3617xs and ds918+ yet ... I will work on it when got some spare time. Ok good, can i ask you which hardware and os are you using as well? Thanks.
  3. For those, who still are interested in running a Xpenology on a Docker ... I have forked and updated this project to make it works with dsm 6.2.3. Here is the link: - to the source project: https://github.com/uxora-com/xpenology-docker - to the docker hub image : https://hub.docker.com/r/uxora/xpenology And last, here is the link to the bootloader with virtio loaded at boot : https://gofile.io/d/bym4Cc Note that "download" url in webpage on this link can be used as BOOTLOADER_URL once it has been generated by clicking on the link. Instruction: - Install Docker - Then ru