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  1. I have a problem with my proxmox install with 3615, latest DSM(yes, I applied synobootfix). On the network gadget and resource monitor, it shows that i have hundreds of MB in and out. It go up and down from 800MBs to 20MBs, forever. The lowest is 5MBs. I don't believe that I'm being hacked since this happen with Fresh install, without any drive attached. It also keeps on doing it even after I unplug internet cable from modem. Is this proxmox network issue? Top command doesn't show any heavy use processes. Btw, I have 1 Gigabit NIC and switch. How can the transfer rate p
  2. Did you manage to solve it? I couldn't create storage pool either with SAS pass through.
  3. What version of ESXI are you running? And which DSM do you use for your 3617? What is your baremetal spec? Thanks.
  4. Oh *******, it never cross my mind to check that first lol. I forgot that Synology is just a Linux.
  5. Of course I did all that. When i pass through my freenas vm, the drives shows up but not on my xpenology vm. I'm lost.
  6. Did you do anything special to get PCI pass through to work? Mine doesn't show up on my 3617.
  7. Hi, I've managed to install 3617 on ESXI but couldn't managed to get my LSI 2008 to show up on synology. My LSI works with Freenas VM so it's a working card. How do I go about fixing this? Can you share your setting?
  8. Hi, I managed to get ds3215 installed with DSM 6.2.2 and working fine on ESXI. Problem is, I can't seem to pass through my LSI 2008 so I could access the SAS drives on my vm. In storage manager, it only shows my bootloader and VMware virtual drives, not the physical SAS drives. I tested passing through the same LSI card to Freenas VM and Xubuntu VM and it works just fine. Yes, the LSI is flashed into IT mode. Help please...