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  1. No, I need PhotoStation. I moved away from Synology because I want to consolidate all devices into one tower and I found the solution in UnRAID. Have a Win 10 gaming VM set up and wanted to do all other tasks with plugins or docker containers. Sadly after half a year of searching for a picture hosting app I found that there are plenty of gallery apps and a lot of them support tagging pictures but they shy away from modifying the actual files by storing tags in metadata. Instead they have a proprietary database where tags are stored so if I ever need to switch gallery apps for whatever rea
  2. Hey there! IG-88's driver extensions all have virtio and 9p drivers added (although not loaded by default, needs a modified /etc/rc.modules) but we can't make 9p work. I'm using UnRAID and the drivers seem to get loaded fine (no errors in dmesg, lsmod shows them loaded) but no devices appear in /sys/bus/virtio/drivers/... and trying to mount the UnRAID share using "mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio <mount_tag> </local/path>" results in an error in bash: "mount: special device unraid does not exist" and in dmesg: "9pnet_virtio: no channels available". Any pointers how you got
  3. I noticed that aswell. The virtio drivers don't complain but they also don't record anything in dmesg... I have looked into my Debian VM and lo and behold, it comes with 9p and virtio drivers built in. The command "mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio <mount_tag> </local/path>" just works out of the box "lsmod | grep 'virtio\|9p'": virtio_console, virtio_balloon, virtio_net, virtio_pci, virtio_ring, virtio, 9pnet_virtio, 9pnet, net_failover (dependency of virtio_net) "dmesg | grep 'virtio\|9p'": virtio_net virtio3 enp4s0: renamed from eth0, 9pnet: Installing 9p
  4. I was able to modify /etc/rc.modules in your extra.lzma in debian using commands found here: The modules load at boot but the result is the same as when loaded using insmod at runtime... Sadly.
  5. Thanks for your effort and looking into my problems, I know I'm a fringe case... 9p is a driver used to mount a VM host's file system inside the guest VM giving the guest direct access. In my case I'm running Xpenology on UnRAID and want unraid to handle the physical disks and parity and xpenology to handle the files. Photostation wont work with smb/nfs shares and i'm hoping it'll work with 9p...
  6. Did not know this. Modprobe didn't return any errors though so I thought it was working. I got the modules loaded with insmod but trying to mount with "mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio <mount tag> <local path>" threw errors (special device missing/no channels available). My google skills failed at solving these errors, the top answer being a missing module (virtio_input) that isn't present in your extra.lzma. I tried modifying the rc.modules according to this post where someone got 9p working on xpenology in docker but ofsmount fails to mount the lzma on two wind
  7. Can I simply drop them in /usr/lib/modules/update and reboot? Why aren't they copied there from the extra.lzma even though they're present? [Edit] this didn't change the output of lsmod or dmesg, also I can't load the modules with "modprobe 9p". Then again I can't load any of the modules this way...
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I am using per your first post. I can't seem to find a v0.12 via the forum search or google? Inspecting the extra.lzma I downloaded indeed shows various 9p and virtio drivers but on the xpenology none are present in /usr/lib/modules or subdirectories. dmesg | grep 9p does not show any entries.
  9. Hey there! I am running Xpenology in an UnRAID VM and used the 3615 1.03b loader with latest DSM. Replaced the extra.lzma in second USB partition with the one provided in your package and DSM loaded fine. Using "lsmod" shows lots of stuff like megaraid controllers but 9p isn't mentioned anywhere and "mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio <mount-tag> <local path>" fails with "mount: unknown filesystem type '9p'" So this driver doesn't seem to work? Or is it not included?
  10. Works on UnRAID 6.8.3 (QEMU 4.2.0), DSM 6.2.3-25426, 3617xs loader! Thanks a million!