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  1. OK for anyone else wondering I ended up following the guides at to install a new ESXI VM. But I powered off my 4.3 VM and used it's vmdk as the second hard disk. Then I booted the VM, chose the 2nd option to install/upgrade. Synology Assistant came up saying it was Migratable. I went through the install process and it warned about how the disk was going to be wiped multiple times. I installed and it went fine. After I logged in a bunch of my shared folders were missing. Turns out the admin user lost all permissions. once I gave it read/write, it showed up in File Station. Now I'm on 5.0, woooo!
  2. LazyAssedPro

    Upgrading Trantor 4.3 to Nanoboot 5.0

    Yea I'm very interested. I just installed 4.3 in a VM before I realized 5.0 was out. I did a lot of setup and don't want to lose anything by starting fresh. So I definitely would appreciate any update steps if they're out there for an ESXi variant.
  3. Did you ever figure this out? I just found out about this amazing project but used an older 4.3 guide to install. I did a lot of setup work before I realized 5.0 was out. I want to move to that but like you don't want to lose any of the work I've put in or files transferred over. If anyone has any links or success stories, please share.