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    Tutorial: DSM 6.x on Proxmox

    Hi all, short question - if I (for testing) create some virtual disks (only SATA works) I get Failure at Installation that Harddisks could not be formated? I choose RAW-Format for some virtual disks...? For the future - in my actual live-system (DSM 5.2) I have 7(!) harddisks assigned via scsi because sata only allows 6 drives. So first steps with the loader scsi doesn't work. Does anybody passthrough the controller and get the harddrives to work? Best regards Martin

    Tutorial: DSM 6.x on Proxmox

    Hi all, I am also using PROXMOX and XPenology as virtual machine. So far with DSM 5.2 and 7 disk (passthrough) with 12 TB data (SHR). Yesterday I started a new virtual machine for testing 6.1 DSM. I did installation like mentioned here in this thread. It works within the 2 disks created on PROXMOX for this machine (tiny 32 gigs per disk for testing). I'm a little bit afraid to delete this testing volume and shutting down this VM and passthroug my hard disks - did anybody did a upgrade like this from 5.2 with passthroug of a lot of disks? If yes, it's necessary with sata port mapping? Best regards Marrtin
  3. Seems to be a great HOW TO - have some questions in general. Momentarily I use the HP Microserver N54L with native XPE with 5 x 2TB HDDs at the limit - means that I have 200 GB storage left I would like to change my Hardware and use ESXi to have the opportunity to use other OS because I would also use the server as TV-Server with PCIx TV cards which do not work with Synology plattform (I know USB will work...). I handle some proxmox installation and understand VMs in general as beginner status. Do I understand it right that it's possible to use my current 5 Harddrives with data furthermore due to the fact that I add these HDDs as Raw Device via virtual RDM...? Sorry for my question but I am newbie in ESXi and so far it's not possible for me to park my actual data (10 TB) to make a new clean install within ESXi environment. So the only thing is that the HDD which is add to VM host as Raw Device via virtual RDM ist automatically reserved for this particular host - right? BR Martin