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  1. Sent you a PM. Let me know if it works and I'll post the link here until tinyupload works again.
  2. Sorry for the delay, took forever to finish transferring (and making backup) before I experimented some more. I have no idea what happened as I am using the exact same USB I created the first time with the 918+ files, but it let me migrate+upgrade and the Asus NIC still appears! I would guess something with the card or driver version didn't agree, but it kept the working one from the 3615 install. Either way, super happy to be able to transfer at 10x the speed I was before, and quite enjoying the performance increase going from 6.1 to 6.2 (noticeable difference to me).
  3. Starting to lean more and more towards it being a mobo issue for the 1.03b loaders and not being able to disable the UEFI only. Those lucky folks can disable in on that system. Went with the Ryzen for price and performance at the time. Starting to think maybe I should switch to Intel again. Can use QSV and people seem to have far less problems with xpenology
  4. Using 1.04b, "synoboot-ds918", "extra918plus_v0.13.3" (which should have the drivers?), updated to DSM_DS918+_25426 - works with the onboard Intel, but never detected the Asus 10gbe. Even switching their positions so the Asus was first of the two mac's in config file, only have the two. I'm honestly confused too. If 1.04b eventually supports DS3615 I'm almost positive it will work fine. As for lspci and dmesg - telnet to the system and run from command line? 1.04b - works (so far) with 918 but doesn't detect the 2nd nic. Only changed the VID/PID/mac1 and m
  5. OK, I figured out a few more things! This is looking to be entirely a mobo issue. CSM is disabled with no option to enable, so I can only boot UEFI. Options for an matx without UEFI are hard to find it seems. From here: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13333-tutorialreference-6x-loaders-and-platforms/ 1.04b works fine with 918+, but I cannot get the 10gbe Asus NIC working, so I now lose NVME cache and possibly NVidia transcoding going to a lower version. 1.03 any version does not boot as it does not support EFI boot. 1.02 I can get working only with DS36
  6. Unfortunately I only managed to get it to boot on the 918+ image with loader 1.04b, including the extras from "extra918plus_v0.13.3", but sadly to 10gbe Mobo is an Asrock X570M pro4 (Intel I211AT). No option to disable the UEFI boot on this board, so my options are limited... though I'm open to replacing it if absolutely necessary. I've tried the 916, 3615 and 3617, they never get an IP, even with default or additional extra's replaced. Used the exact same VID/PID/MAC's as the 918 (Intel primary, Asus secondary, or even just the Asus by itself). I guess the only
  7. Much appreciated regardless! I was bashing my head against the wall for a few days trying to figure this out. A second set of eyes works wonders.
  8. Hello, The only loader and version I could get working on my hardware is the 1.04b (DS918+) with 6.2.3 Asrock x570m, Ryzen 3400g. So far so good after a few days of troubleshooting. However I am planning on using an Asus XG-C100C (based on Aquantia AQC-100?) I see there are extra.lzma for the DS3615, 3617 and DS916+ found at https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/9508-driver-extension-jun-102bdsm61x-for-3615xs-3617xs-916/ Were these drivers included in "extra918plus_v0.13.3"? Because I can't get the card to detect. My config is set as follo
  9. Thanks! I managed to get it to boot with the DS918 loader and the extras from "extra918plus_v0.13.3". For some reason or another 916 and 3615/3617 do not like it even with what I think are the correct extra files. My best guess is because the board doesn't allow disabling UEFI boot according to the boot methods listed here: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13333-tutorialreference-6x-loaders-and-platforms/ Waiting for it to build the volume now! My last issue is getting the Asus XG-C100C 10gb NIC to work. I have the Asus added as mac1 and t
  10. I am not a big fan of unraid for many reasons, much more comfortable with Synology/Thecus/Windows. The setup to get it working from some reading looks like a pain in the ***, especially for someone not well versed in Linux. I'm probably wrong, but it just seems like another point of possible failure. To me an "all in one place" is faster/easier to fix.
  11. Hello! I've followed as many tutorials I can find, but I cannot get this working Tried unraid, and while everything worked right away, I would greatly prefer XPEnology/Synology. I'm using the following: Ryzen 3400g Asrock X570M pro4 (according to specs page: Giga PHY Intel® I211AT) Asus XG-C100C 10gb NIC LSI 9211-8I chipset with 8x10tb I have Tried Jun's loader 1.04b for DS918+ and loader 1.03b for DS3617xs and DS3615xs. The official Synology files end with _23739. Added the VID, PID for my usb drive. Using rear USB po