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  1. it looks like quicknick has not posted in almost 3 years...but i was able to find the bootloader...this is designed for dsm 6.1.3 correct? mainly i have a ton of smaller drives avail is the only reason i am playing around with this.
  2. is anyone using quicknicks loader?? i see nothing has been posted in nearly 3 years
  3. i ran through and tried that 45 drive setup in the video and it seemed to work great..till i rebooted the system and it crashed and would not start back up...
  4. ok i finally broke down and purchased the LSI 8 port raid card flashed in IT mode. this card will still only see 6 of the 8 ports i can add 4 m/b sata and get up to 10 drives but it simply will not see more than 6 on the LSI card...any ideas what i am doing wrong? this is the 3 rd raid card i have tried and none of them will see over 6 drives and i cant use more than 1 card in the system or it throws corrupt volume errors...i am running an x9scl board with intel I3 4130 dsm 6.0.2 v8451 ,,,this is my 5th attempt with every single version of dsm tried at this point and i am back to this one...an
  5. is it a riser memory slot error?
  6. new problem...i was trying to setup the system with root access so i could set drive limit to 45 and be able to use shr....all was working fine until i did one last reboot...now the system is down and keeps saying migratable...i pulled all drives and then only put 1 back in after doing a clean with diskpart..however now the install fails and all i get is migratable...i cant migrate and i cant do a fresh install...i have also done a clean on the boot stick and hdd at the same time but still errors on install and goes back to migratable...how is that possible with a fresh boot stick and clean hd
  7. the only bios changes i made were to set to legacy only and make the usb stick the primary boot device. then i setup the stick with the vid and pid and mac address...then go to the serial generator and copy that into the image....when it loads give it some time before you seach the network
  8. ok so i have an x9scl board running 3617 dsm 6.2.3 25426. i am trying to use a Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 hba card....i had everything working except the card would only see 4 drives...so i modified the synoinfo file using root to have 45 drives....then the unit stopped booting and now gives me the option to migrate or install...neither of which work...any ideas here? i have another unit that is stable with a 24 drive setting but can only use 10 drives due to the fact that the 8 port card wont work in that one either...its running as a 3615
  9. i have got jun 1.0.3B working with 3617 but still cannot see the 8 port card i have installedi have got jun 1.0.3B working with 3617 but still cannot see the 8 port card i have installed...could someone direct me on how to use the extra.lzma file? i am hoping the drivers i need are in there maybe? ..thanks.
  10. the goal is to just build storage on this machine... i need to run dual 8 port "raid" cards along with the onboard sata to get up to 22 drives...not concerned about high performance. the goal for the t5500 from my original thread was to build a 10 drive machine that i could run win10 in VM where i could build a plex server. however i need to experiment on the 3420 to find a combination of loader, dsm and hardware that will allow me to use the dual 8 port "raid " cards....i really like the ability of xpenology to run mismatched drive sizes and to add storage without having to rebuild from scra
  11. Hi guys i am working on building a nas from a S3420GP server board...i would like to use 22 drives so i need 2 8 port nic cards that will work in this along with the 6 onboard sata...does anyone know what my best best for jun's bootloader and which dsm version i am best off with? i have tried jun 1.03b with dsm3617 25426 but thats not working...i added the vid and pid and the mac to the boot stick and still nothing past happy hacking the screen will stop updating shortly.
  12. does anyone know if i use jun loader 1.03b and dsm 3617 which 8 port "raid" cards work for certain in this box? should i be using the extra lzma file ?
  13. yea sorry i was at work and didnt have the list with me...so i have tried the hp p410 card...the super aoc-saslp-mv8 and i have 3 different marvell cards...1 4 port and 2 6 ports ....the best i can get out of any combination is 6 m/b sata and 4 of the 6port slots for a total of 10 drives. i have been trying to do it as a 3615,,,i dont know anything about esxi ...if i use the 3617 is esxi a must?
  14. i am looking to build a plex server out of my dell t5500 workstation....powerful unit...dual 6 core cpu's. i would like to run dual 8 port raid cards along with 6 onboard sata.....i have tried both dsm's 5.2 and 6.0.2 but none of them will run stable with my raid cards...once i reach a certain point the volume degrades and starts telling me drives are failing...they are not....does anyone know which if any 8 port raid cards will definitely work with this combo? i have also tried both the onboard and an add in nic. not certain what video card i am using but i can get that if it matters. TIA.