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  1. So, after searching high and low: avoid J3455 motherboards unless you are ready for troubles. Version/manufacturer does not matter, there are often issues with Xpenology on this hardware.
  2. Sent dmesg via a private message. Some details I missed earlier: - for all these testing I have one UV500 attached to mobo, 2 Barracudas attached to the controller (one not initialized in DSM), 2 external HDDs attached to USB3 ports (one with USB2, one with USB3 interface) - loader 1.04b DS918+, DSM 6.2.3-25426 What I tried more: - run Debian 9 live from USB stick - no speed issues - tried 1.03b for DS3617xs, but apparently my NIC is not supported (machine started, just no network connectivity to it), so got back to 1.04b (1.03b actually did somethin
  3. I upgraded firmware for the mobo to the latest version, downloaded fresh Ubuntu, plugged instead of DSM and booted - all disk stats are perfect. Replug DSM stick and reboot - problems are back. I really have no ideas - I imagine that in case of hw incompatibilities/issues I should have errors all over the place. Only ones (kind of acceptable): admin@NAS:/var/log$ dmesg |grep -i error [ 0.376515] mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged [ 0.376557] mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 0: Machine Check: 0 Bank 4: e600000000020408 [ 0.376559] mce: [Hardware Er
  4. The below symbolically sums the situation perfectly (both regarding network transfers and USB drive speed). Same drive run from Ubuntu booted from a stick on the same computer consistently reaches over 100 MB/s. There's probably some small but significant incompatibility between my platform (AsRock J3455B-ITX) and Xpenology, but more interesting is that identical problems seem to plague original Synology owners for years, like or numerous network speed issues (yes, I disabled IP encryption and IPv6 already and no, I need to keep NTFS)
  5. FWIW, these are Kingstons UV500, not A400 (no idea why I thought so). Anyway, both my networking performance and USB3 issues seem to be common across original Synology machines - I guess just old codebase. Lucky I did not decide to buy one!
  6. Sure, generally the disks in use on the Xpenology side are Kingston A400 SSDs and Seagate Barracuda 4TB CMR as internals and Seagate Backup Hub Plus and WD Elements Desktop as externals. In case of large file transfer (10GB, SSD->LAN->SSD) I could get average 40 MB/s now (with short jumps to 60MB/s) vs sustained 105MB/s before (I guess just max of what my switch can handle). CPU load in 1-digit regions on the NAS. Unfortunately I didn't do any other benchmarks on the OMV, but DSM feels much more sluggish overall - not only transfer speeds, but also opening/listing direct
  7. I am comparing identical hardware & setup and seeing DSM being weaker (MUCH weaker considering external USBs) than OMV. OMV speeds were OK for my limited needs, and while internal drives performance in DSM is kind of acceptable (though a bad surprise) - external performance is a bummer. I cannot re-format the external drives to ext4 (which seems to make difference for DSM sometimes), so unless I find a solution, I will be quitting Xpenology. It's nice and stuff, but lacking in basic metrics. Also, I will try to look at these Xpenology extra drivers packs -
  8. The disk setup (again, the same as for OMV) is JBOD disks with btrfs for internals and NTFS for externals - so no RAID is involved. 1Gb full duplex and the same MTU (1500) confirmed on both sides (NAS and PC). The CPU is allowed to boost - but I didn't notice any CPU spikes on file transfers. Also, with bunch of small files (fe 100GB in few MB files), Synology transfer times are approx 1.5x OMV times. Regarding externals, after reading Synology forums I see that simply DSM is probably broken regarding USB3 handling
  9. Hello, Having moved from OMV, I notice that exactly the same hardware setup (including filesystems used) give much weaker performance under Xpenology - big file transfers via LAN hardly reach 60 MB (megabytes)/s while on OMV I was able to reach 100 MB/s; USB3-connected external drives reach 4 (!) MB/s read speed - 1/10th or of what OMV offered. Is there any way to speed it up. After all, these are transfer speeds thet count in a NAS... Hardware - J3455, 4 GB RAM Regards,
  10. Loader version and type: 1.04b DS918+ (no customizations) DSM version in use (including critical update): DSM 6.2.3-25426 Hardware details: AsRock J3455B-ITX, generic Marvell 88SE9215 PCIE controller /w 4x SATA III Comments: Fresh install on bare metal; 1st boot after installing DSM approx 15-20 mins, NAS not available; then automatic reboot and again setting up for 5-10 mins; then works normally.