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  1. I don't see my reply here so I may have forgotten to hit submit. Your suggestion absolutely worked. The second cable allowed me to see what the IP address on the new NIC. Thanks a ton for your help and expertise!!! -Peter
  2. I installed Xpenology DSM 6.1-15047 on an AMD desktop successfully. Everything has been working fine with one exception. The motherboard is an ECS A880LM-M with an AMD Phenom II 6 core processor and 16G of RAM. The issue is the onboard LAN is only 100 Mbps so transfer speeds are bottle necked by this. I purchased an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK NIC card and installed it. When booting the system up there was no network connection with the new NIC card. I changed the Ethernet to the onboard LAN and it then connected. My next step was to reboot and disable t
  3. @bearcat Sorry for the late reply. I was down and out having sprained my back and just saw the reply. I am trying install the Intel EXPI9301CTBLK card on an ECS A880LM-M motherbaord--the onboard works but it is slower at 100Mbps Ethernet. I went into the BIOS and disable onboard LAN and it did not work thinking that there was a conflict. I took the step to unplug the storage hard drives and plug in an SSD with Windows and then booted it up and installed the drivers for the card ( I did not see how to install drivers via Synology). I verified that the nic card indeed wo
  4. P.S. Forgot to ask a basic question. When I get the new Intel CT PCIe card, will it be plug and play or will I need a driver? If a driver is needed, how do I load it when no OS is technically installed?
  5. If it is a matter of popping in an Intel CT PCIe card then I will do it. Let's hope this is all it is. Thank you Flyride for the help!
  6. Hello, I am tying to install Xpenology on an Intel based PC and have run into a road block. The flavor of Xpenology is DS3615xs 6.1 The motherboard is an MSI G41M-P26 with an Intel duo core processor Specifically I get it to boot from the USB just fine but when I go to find.synology.com I get the "no diskstation detected" Ironically, I was able to follow the same procedure and load this on an AMD based machine (Phenom II CPU) without any issue. For grins I disconnected the two HDs I want to use for storage and plugged in one SSD