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  1. Great. Maybe there is hope. Thanks
  2. Hi, So it occurred to me that I could export Synology's DSM VM as a OVA. I would like to import it into VirtualBox. I did but it won't boot. I'm guessing the VM is looking for the Synology NAS. Has anyone gotten this working? Thanks Bob
  3. Hi, We pulled a couple of Supermicros from retirement, replaced the Adaptec cards with LSI 9200-8i in IT mode. One Supermicro has 8 drives the other 16. We use Jun's 1.04b loader and DSM 6.2.3. for DS3617xs All looked well until we noticed some of the internal drives were listed as external. Searching the forum we found that setting: maxdisks="24" esataportcfg="0x0" internalportcfg="ffffff" usbportcfg="f000000" fixed that. The next problem is the drives that were listed as external could not be added to the array. They could not be Secure Er