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  1. Which RAW loader can i use on proxmox? Which one is it can you please send me a link??? Also can we edit this files also for dsm 5.2 and upload to vhd which is working under hyperv as VM.?
  2. tronba

    DSM 6.2 on HyperV?

    It says it require genuine serial number and MAC. I have that and maybe possible to replace that inside that VHD? Then i should connect via quick connect? Do i am understanding good?
  3. tronba

    DSM 6.2 on HyperV?

    When using via quickconnect connection, just NAT ports not forwarded to the NAS, should that be ok?
  4. tronba

    DSM 6.2 on HyperV?

    Ok, thanks for your answer. How safe is to use the 5.2 with the latest updates? Latest updates was om 2018 and i think ssl connection on dsm5.2 is using TLS1.0
  5. Are there any possibilities to install Xpenology DSM 6.2 on a Hyper-V server? DSM 5.2 it can but i can't find any tutorial for VHDx for 6.2
  6. I need also to Update 2? How can we do that?
  7. When used the Template, where can i put the new mac address and change the serial number?
  8. I have just installed DS918+ with your template on proxmox and it is working like a charm, thanks for that!!!! Question1: Current version is now: 1x care updated the DSM: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Now i see on the update page DSM 6.2.3-25426 update 2 is available, it downloads that but can't update that, it says downloaded file is corrupt.. Question2: What about Serial nr. etc. Can i create a new serial nr. and create quick connect account? (I have the possibility to use own geniune serial nr of synology) is that possible? Qustion3: What about safety to use this template? Are there any username or like that branded on the installation image?