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    Writing files larger than 4GB || HP N54L || DSM 4.3-3810

    i did my searches nowadays mp4-files can be > 4 GB no problem. and looking @ the research i did.. people mostly had problems with media players actually playing the video-data which is stored past the 4GB....a 6GB mp4-file would only play the first 4GB for example. this was way back though.. nowadays all good media players play mp4-files larger 4GB no problem. i regulary play files larger than 4GB directly from the NAS also. only problem is recording it directly to the NAS. right now i just record it to an internal drive connected to the PC running the recording-app and copy it over to my NAS afterwards...which is inconvenient.
  2. hankey772

    Writing files larger than 4GB || HP N54L || DSM 4.3-3810

    as stated above it works fine while recording to drives attached directly to the recording PC. i've got plenty mp4-files larger than 4gb.
  3. hi. using the search function i didn't catch any topic regarding this... so sorry if i just missed it. Problem: I'm using a Capture Card to record some of my Gameplay. The Record-app is used under Windows 7 and stores/writes the record directly to the NAS. For some reason, as soon as the record reaches 4GB.. it just deletes all the previous recordings and starts all over again. Saving the recording to an internal or external-drive connected to the PC on which the Record-app is running works just fine. I do have plenty > 4GB Files on that Drive and regulary Unzip files larger than 4GB under Windows from and onto this drive... so i really dont know what's the Problem here. some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thx in advance.