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  1. Yeah the 3x 4TB disks are pure data. I am running ESXI from an USB device. All packages and its settings are on a seperate SDD. Since i couldnt map the drives directly as RAW I mapped the disks as "raw" with the workaround named in the perfect ESXi installation guide. So they should function the same. Tnx for the advise on using the regular guide. I think i can work with that. I dont mind doing all my settings again so the packages etc dont matter it's just the pure data i want saved.
  2. I currently am running DSM on ESXI but i would prefer to run it bare metal. I have no troubles setting up everything as you mentioned but here comes my problem and i hope you can help me with it. I have 3x 4TB disk running RAID 5 on my current DSM setup and i want to migrate them to the bare metal system. Any tips on how i can achieve this?