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    How to install XPEnology

    I removed the stick twice, before the formatting took place. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The usb stick is in only when the OS boots, then I pull it out and do all the operations.
  2. linux4ever

    How to install XPEnology

    To be more specific, the DSM loads to 100%, the box restarts, then the DiskStation is again present, but it says "Configuration lost". No idea what else to try. It's supposed to be "monkey see is monkey do", but even if it seems to work, the install fails.
  3. linux4ever

    How to install XPEnology

    I am trying to install the XPEnology with a synoboot-trantor-4.2-3211-v1.2 image (stable) on a Dell PowerEdge blade server. It boots from the USB flash drive, I can see the new box in the Synology Assistant, then I install it, load the .pat file, pick the password, pick the name, pick DHCP or static, DSM installs, server reboots, then I get to login to the XPEnology, but it asks me to setup again the DSM and no matter what DSM I give, it does not work. It either says it's corrupt (for the latest downloadable) or from the box. It only seems to load it from the .pat file. Then the box reboots and the configuration fails.