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  1. Hi folks, would it be possible to run some flavour of XPEnology (4.3 - 5.0) on a 24 sata bay Encom 4U server chassis I have? I know that the official Syno 3612 support a max of 12 drives in the unit, but they can be paired up to expansion units to increase capacity to 24 or 36 drives... I would love to be able to get all 24 drives up and going in a XPEnology build, if that's possible. I searched for 24 bay, 24 drives and the like on the forum, but the search results came back and excluded the 24 as it said it was too common... Thanks for any help, or pointers... Jason.
  2. Thank you so much for such a clear consise guide. I followed it, and am now looking at a lovely new install. Many thanks for this! I registered just to say thanks and hope to have much enjoyment tinkering around with this. Current nas units are 3 x Synology DS410J's. Running out of space so I got a 24 bay sata server and have this now to take over the duties of the 3 x 410j's.