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  1. Hello all Wondering if anyone can help me i have docker running a few containers up will yesterday they all ran fine now none of them seem to work stating the have a network issue when i do a ns lookup from a container i get an error and can't find the servers. do i am guessing dns settings are not going to the continers so i run a domain on my nas i also have a pi in the house that runs pi-hole these have all run perfectly for weeks without issue any one know why my DNS would have disappeared? i have tried restart the nas docker and the containers multiply times but nothing seems
  2. Hello first off I don't want to seem rude or anything, I just want to know what the future holds for xpenology, so I was wondering if the Admin team or Devs could answer if there is any kind of roadmap for the future of the project? i have been slowly moving away from unraid to xpenology as I find the system so easy to use very lightweight and very well supported. but as with the last two updates having failed to install according to a number of people and with DSM 7 in the wings is there a future. I know Jun seems to have been away for a while so is there others that will be making boot load
  3. Hi yes I pointed the laptop to the Nas IP address and I added the dns port to the firewalls I even tried turning off the firewalls but nothing seemed to work I am tempted to go back to an older windows 10 version as in know 1806 messed up alot of the samba stuff
  4. This might be Synology issue but I tried the Facebook page for help they were not helpful, so I figured I would try here. I have finally setup my xpenology 918+ and it appears to run fine. So installed active directory and dns everything seems to go fine but when I try to connect a windows 10 2004 version I get an error trying to contact the dns and fqnl name it says no domain controller exists. Any help or things to try.
  5. Hi IG-88 i added your driver files to my usb stick and rebooted and it worked first time thanks very much for that.
  6. Good afternoon I successfully install 1.04 918+ on to a Asus b250 board with a celeron g3930 I also have a Plex pass and I have installed the x64 version from Plex website but everything I try to transcode a video it pegs the CPU at 98% I have it set in Plex to use hardware transcoding as well but for the life of me I can't get it to work any ideas? Do I need the extra drivers to get it working properly? Also I am on the 6.2.3. latest update.
  7. Many thanks for that IG I saw there was a script you could run to see the CPUs properly but that's is irrelevant but I hopefully get a bit time this weekend to give it a try and will report back if successful or not I want to avoid hypervisor is at all possible.
  8. Evening Guys i was wondering if you would answer a question. Will Xpenology work on a dell T630 the hardware is a duel Xeon E5-2630 V3 and 128gb ram the chipset is Intel Corporation C610/X99 and the raid card is Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID SAS-3 3108 and Aquantia Corp. AQC107 NBase-T/IEEE 802.3bz Ethernet Controller as well as 2 onboard Intel Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection i know its a very over power machine for Xpenology but i really like Xpenology software and i think it will be perfect for me but this is what i have hardware wise. Can anyone advise if this will work? R
  9. Hi hoping someone can help a noob out so looking at setting up xpenology as a home server I have an old dell r710 with a h300 raid board in it so I downloaded bootloader 1.03b and set about installing the latest 6.2 with my Asus 10gb network card but one it booted I could not find it on the network so I tried the onboard ports that that also did not show up so finally I installed a 1gb Intel desktop network card thinking this as basic as it gets this will work but nothing yet again I must be don't something wrong as I was sure it said in the forum that the Asus 10gb should work.