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  1. Hello Derek, yes, I got it running on DSM4.2. Since this is not a N40L specific topic, I created a new general thread for this topic: I hope this can help you.
  2. Hello, since WOL has not worked for me out-of-the box, I decided to create this thread where we can share experience on this topic. For some reason activating WOL over the GUI (Control Panel|Hardware) fails and does not have any effect. If WOL is supported by your HW configuration this is how you should get it running (DSM4.2): Prerequisite: • Find out the real MAC address of your Ethernet adapter (not the faked one by xpenology!) e.g. by booting linux/win form liveCD • Enable WOL options corresponding to your HW in BIOS 1. Activate the WOL setting on your Ethernet adapter: