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  1. Don't worry. In my real NAS I can upgrade (yes, upgrade, keeping all my files, config, apps, scripts...) perfectly. First upgrade to 6.2.4 and then to 7.0.1. I compiled img manually (uploaded here, a few post ago). Baremetal J4125M with 10 sata port (2 native+2 pcie 4 sata ports).
  2. Compiled 7.0.1 with last BSP patch and works perfect - Add UEFI support. - Deleted twice EFI folder. - Fixed SynoBoot_EFI place. - Compiled with last BSP Patch for 7.0.1. - Insmod efi_gop into EFI. - Tested with Baremetal and works fine (Astock 3455-ITX). - After installation (the reboot process can take 15-20 minutes) you have to install File Station manually: (select DSM 7.0), find and download File Station SPK a
  3. Sorry for the late reply: 6.2.4 with UEFI: Works perfectly with 10 HDD SATA (2 sata pci-e controllers 4 port/each + 2 motherboard sata ports). Same img with 7.0 doesn't work ("error detected in sata port and disabled"). Baremetal with J4125M
  4. Yes, 6.2.4 works perfect and detect my 10 Hard drive shr without add sataportmap. I can upload my compiled img (uefi support).
  5. Just for testing, but I can upgrade to 6.2.4 in one of my J4125 baremetal NAS and I can login without problems (latest redpill bootloader with uefi). But when I try to upgrade to 7.0, I have the same problem as @maxhartung I tried sataportmap with same results: Tried: DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=4 -> We have detected errors on the hard drives 1,3,4 Tried: DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=3 -> We have detected errors on the hard drives 1,3 Tried: DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=2 -> We have detected errors on the hard drives 1 Tried: DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=
  6. Yes, I'm talking about real and native UEFI support. Compiled yesterday (manually, with docker I can't) and loaded in Baremetal in my J4125M, installed and works perfectly just now Thanks for your help @jumkey Now I'm trying to patch 7.0.1
  7. I'm able to boot DS918+ with UEFI in my J4125 perfectly, detects it and I can start installation process without problem....but the install stop at 99% Any ideas? Baremetal
  8. @ThorGroupthanks for the update! My request about uefi support it's not about performance, it' because a lot of apollolake and apollolake refresh mainboards doesn't support legacy boot (or CSM) like J4105, J4125, J5040, J5005 and new models. Again, thanks for this fanstatic work!
  9. Tested and works fine with Asrock J3455-ITX (realtek nic ethernet) baremetal. Now my only problem is make it working for J4105M (only support efi boot, not legacy).