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  1. Dear Polanskiman, Thank you for your input and suggestions. I had used a prebuilt VM from the forums and while it works well for the VM1, changing the mac and sn of the prebuilt image did not work for VM2 to get the proper IP address. In the end I gave up and started from scratch and now it works well and got my RDM passed as well. It was driving me nuts. Thanks again for the community and support. Elviso33
  2. yes, as I mentioned the mac and sn were modified however the second VM still receives the same IP address as the first. Any ideas?
  3. Dear All, I search for several hours but could not easily find a definitive answer. Can you install two xpenology VMs and get them both to work? I tried to do so and they will install, however I cannot get the second VM to get a different IP address and therefore will not work. It gets the same IP address as the first VM (I did change the serial and mac in synoboot.vmdk of the second). I also installed win 10 and that is assigned a virtual adaptor and gets its own IP address and works properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Elviso
  4. Anyone know if Xpenology will work in the 4 bay one as well? tia elviso
  5. Hi All, I am building a new server and expect to run a few VMs (Xpenology, Server Essentials, etc). I was thinking to purchase the Supermicro board X10SAT and was wondering if anyone had experience with it. Also I was thinking to create the SHR dual redundancy and use that volume to store all my media and critical files. also use the backup feature from server essentials to backup all my win machines to the SHR volume. Any issues or experience would be greatly appreciated. Elviso33