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    Backup and Retore on Xpenology NAS

    Hello I have been using your wonderful software for some time now, and i just recently found out that the update function is somewhat bugged as in i cant update directly from the manager on the NAS. so my first question are there a version of Xpenology that i can use that doesn't require me to find the update file on this forum, were i can just use the update function on the NAS? i am using Nanoboot as Booter i used this guide and files to install the NAS http://cyanlabs.net/Thread-Install-XPEn ... n-the-N54L My next question is. i have made a backup of the current settings on the NAS, if i delete/reinstall my current NAS with another image will i still be able to access all my current data? i have made a synology hybrid RAID on my current installation, and i really dont want to louse the data on this machine but there is too much data to move to another storage for testing so im hoping that some of you may have tried or experienced something like this and can share that experience. Thanks ind advance //Nico
  2. DivineKaze

    M.2 Card

    my gnoboot cant find my m.2 ssd ... dose anyone have a solution for this ?
  3. DivineKaze

    Need Confirmation on Hardware

    Thanks for the quick reply Yer i thought as much hehe but im glad that its compatible cant wait to get it up and running ☺ Again thanks for the help
  4. DivineKaze

    Need Confirmation on Hardware

    Hi XPEnology Forum guys I am sorry if i come of as a total nob in this post but well i am... i've been wanting to get a NAS for some time now and was really set on the Synology 1813+ but it was brought to my attention that the Transcoding bit was horrible, and the QNAP is just too pricey. so i found your forum and decided to build my one NAS with XPEnology witch btw im a huge fan of but i dont know what hardware is supported, i have found some topics that suggest some older hardware and i have seen in some of your signatures that you can use some newer chipsets, and this brings me to my question... i have found some gear that i would like to if possible get approved for XPEnology. i have found the following: Motherboard: http://www.amazon.com/Asus-Z87-PRO-1150 ... B00CRJSXR4 if i have understood this correctly then its only the chipset and network card that has to be compatible right ? all other hardware just works ? the rest of the gear if you are curious is: RAM: http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Vengeance ... B004CRSM4I CPU: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-i5-4430-Qua ... B00CO8T9VC Thansk in advance for your answers P.S. i dont know if i posted this the right place and i am sorry if i have done so, as i stated i am a noob at this.