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  1. 1. Original version was 5.1 with Nanoboot, and was upgraded to 5.2 + Xpenoboot and than to 6.1 and changed to Jun's loader v1.02b DS3615xs 2. My box is 3615 . It was not changed. 3. I have an Asrock Q1900-ITX, so it should have a Realtek RTL8111GR network card. 4. I have 14 package installed. Not all of them are running but most of them.
  2. I dont have the .xpenoboot folder to delete. GUI and ssh just stopped after few days, sometimes more that a week or 2, so it is something different, but thanks.
  3. Since I have upgraded my xpenology box to DSM 6.1.7-15284 it stopped time to time. Sometimes just lost the web gui and ssh access but the shared folders are accessible, sometimes I lost everything. After a reboot every service working properly. Can anybody suggest me a process how to identify what cause this issue. Earlier when the NAS was on 5.2 version, it was so stable, I have never experienced this kind of freezing.
  4. Many thanks, I have updated to DSM 6.1.7-15284, but DMS still show the Update 3 is available to download. I had downloaded the DMS from here: Can I get somehow the DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3?
  5. Hello, I have a DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 installed on an ASROCK Q1900-ITX. The loader is Jun's Mod V1.02b How can I update it to the latest 6.1 version ? I guess i need to use the manual update option. Is there any specific step what should be done, or just select the latest 6.1 .pat file upload it?
  6. When I saw this is upgrade from 5.2 I did not read it, so I missied the following. So thank you.
  7. I have a very old but stable 5.0 installation , and thinking about to upgrade it to 6.1 or 6.2 if it is stable. Unfortunately I did not find any guide which describe the process from this old version. My xpenology store more data what I able to backup, so need I need a safe way how to migrate it to a higher version of DSM. I appreciate if somebody give me a summary of the tasks.
  8. Yes, it seems reinstall is necessary. Sent from Tapatalk
  9. In my other Nas, all screen in storage manager has information. Under the volume i see it belong to DiskGroup1, In DiskGroup1 I see the HDDs, and under the HDDs menu i see the Disks. Unfortunately in the wrong NAS, there is nothing in those menus.
  10. Unfortunately in storage manager there is not any disk. That is the problem
  11. Hi, On my diskstation there was a disk failure do the SHR array became degraded. When I tried to remove the worng one I was not sure which is the wrong disk so just pluged back all off them, and boot the diskstation again. Unfortunately after the reboot I did not see any HDD in the Storage Manager, but in in the Info Center. Intersting thing: the shares are reachable Any Idea how to fix it?