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    HDDs disappeared - Help needed

    Yes, it seems reinstall is necessary. Sent from Tapatalk
  2. deesnow

    HDDs disappeared - Help needed

    In my other Nas, all screen in storage manager has information. Under the volume i see it belong to DiskGroup1, In DiskGroup1 I see the HDDs, and under the HDDs menu i see the Disks. Unfortunately in the wrong NAS, there is nothing in those menus.
  3. deesnow

    HDDs disappeared - Help needed

    Unfortunately in storage manager there is not any disk. That is the problem
  4. deesnow

    HDDs disappeared - Help needed

    Hi, On my diskstation there was a disk failure do the SHR array became degraded. When I tried to remove the worng one I was not sure which is the wrong disk so just pluged back all off them, and boot the diskstation again. Unfortunately after the reboot I did not see any HDD in the Storage Manager, but in in the Info Center. Intersting thing: the shares are reachable Any Idea how to fix it?