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    Hi, I hope my english is'nt too bad. 2nd language for me. Here I go. I tried to boot on the image 1.03b from 2018-08-01 --> No bootable device found Motherboard is Intel DQ35JO. It was previously set to UEFI with loader 10.2 and it worked well. As per the recommendation for 1.03 I changed the setting to UEFI=Disable (so Legacy mode I assume). It does not find any boot device when trying to boot from USB drive. I tried the same USB drive on 2 other older PC with no UEFI and they boot OK. I started checking for the problem. I found that Windows 10 report the 1st partition of the USB drive as "EFI System partition". Is that normal? I redownloaded Jun's 1.03 image and reflashed just to make sure I did'nt mess up and it still appears as EFi system partition. Any advice? Thanks a lot for your time, it is very appreciated.
  2. This is ICH7 controller for SATA MB, not supported, try another build. I have a ZOTAC G41-ITX [G41ITX-A-E] and got it to work rather easily. G41 chipset is ICH7. I installed the package 2668++ (more hardware) initially. Then I created a new USB drive with build 3202 and booted it on the SynoPC. It boot to waiting for kernel or something like that. After that I used the Synology Assistant and searched my NAS. It was discovered and when I right clicked it, I had an option to upgrade it. I used the .PAT provided in the build 3202. The only glitch it has it when I reboot, there's an error in the log saying that "auto update failed". I searched a bit for that error but found nothing. Since it works, I just left it like this. Hope this helps.