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  1. Hello, i have tried implementing your patch but being on 6.2.3 25426-2 it does not work. ash-4.3# ./ -p Detected DSM version: 6.2.3 25426-2 Patch for DSM Version (6.2.3 25426-2) not found. @likeadoc any chances you have spare time to update your patch? Thanks and Regards, S
  2. Hello everyone, I have tried multiple times to get hardware transcoding but without success. I did a bare metal install using DSM6.2.3 25426 with 1.04b/918+ from clean install (clean usb and clean hdd) on a asrock J4105. I have installed video station and tried to play a file and no joy with transcoding. (BTW while installing I have put the SN of an original D918+ in the following format 17A0PDNXXXXXX and the two mac addresses). Then i have tried swapping the original file in the second partition with the four file in the extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b ds918+ DSM 6.2.3 v0.13.
  3. Thanks everyone for the patience and great support. Small update: with the new RAM I could see the BIOS and the installation went on smoothely and now I have the OS installed and I have strted creating user and the driive pool. However I am not sure why, the NAS is turned on and working, but this morning I can not reach it trougt my internet browser. I have tried and http://mynas:5000 but I can get to the login page. What am I doing wrong? (I am on the same LAN where the NAS is)
  4. Thanks for the support. So far I have decided to get a new RAM stick from Corsair, this time from the list, so Crossing finger it will sort my problem. On the other end I have redone the usb stick but yet it does not boot nor from the nas, neither from my laptop although on the last one I might need to change something in the BIOS. I will keep you posted on the development
  5. I will try to do again the usb stick to make sure it works fine and with the hope to be able to install without a monitor. if the usb is done correctly will it start the process when plugged in to my laptop or will it work only on compatible mobo? In the mean time I was wondering if the problem could be the RAM that I am using: Crucial CT4G4SFS824A Memoria per Portatile da 4 GB Single Rank x 8, DDR4, 2400 MT/s, PC4-19200, SODIMM, 260 pin. from reading online the mobo seems very picky in regards to ram. Anyone with the asrock 4105 as the same kind
  6. I tough so but also the pc screen I have borrowed gives the same problem and that is a rather old one which is low resolution by default
  7. So I have reset the bios as suggested pulling the battery and the cable and tried to turn on the nas but no difference. could it be that the pico 160 W plus the leike brick 150W is non providing enough energy ? but that is strange too as I have tried unplugging both HDD so the psu was just provinding power to the mobo and that should be more than enough still puzzled
  8. I have also tried to hook up my laptop to the tv and, to my surprise, it does show it on the tv screen only after Windows has loaded, not during the initial start up. Go wonder why. Could it be related to the HDMI port itself in the sense that, if I use a dvi port instead will it make any difference?
  9. Hello everyone, so today I have received all the pieces and assembled my NAS using a asrock J4105, crucial memory and two Seagate ironwolf. I have attached the nas to the TV expecting to see the bios and, at startup, be able to edit the startup process to make it boot from usb. no way, I can’t see the bios and also after detaching both hard disk and the corresponding data cables from the board there is no way to force start from the pendrive. btw lights on the case turns on and the case fan spins, so I wonder what the problem could be. Since there ar
  10. Nice site thanks, I have put almost everything totalling 45W however I can not find the mobo. According to your calculation should I be in comfortably or tight ? Thanks and Regards S
  11. Hello everyone, I have ordered the parts to assembly my nas as per below: asrock j4105 crucial ddr4 2400 sodimm 4GB memory pico psu 160xt leicke 12V 150W power brick 2x 4TB ironwolf sharkoon QB One case now I was wondering will the pico and power brick be provinding enough power eventually if I add an extra 4GB of RAM and a SSD? or should I instead opt for a be quiet system power 9 400W psu? thanks in advance to who can help regards S
  12. thanks Flyride for the quick reply. I see from your signature that you have the same mobo that I have purchased (Asrock Intel J4105-ITX). Do you know if there are bluethoot dongles that work already at BIOS level so to that I can use the bluetoot keybaord that I have instead of borrowing it from my friend the wired usb to install the loader? thanks B
  13. Hello everyone, regards from Italy. i have been silently reading the forum for a while and finally decided to register and purchase my hardware which will be arriving in the next few days. a special thanks to who runs the website and to who develops and maintains the loader and driver, great work! I have a question, I wonder if I need a wired keyboard or if a wireless Bluetooth keyboard is ok also for the initial setup installation. After the installation will I ever need again the wired keyboard or could I use WiFi/Bluetooth connected keyboard? The reason I am asking is if is on